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Warblers - Behind the Scenes. I love this.
GLEE - Behind the Scenes with The Warblers
GLEE - Behind the Scenes with The Warblers YouTube
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in the middle of re watching the series (one episode per day). lmfao santana got what she dished out. in the scene with her, Brittany and Finn when she dissed the waitress and then in Frenemies when that lady complained about the eggs

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Glee songs that are better than the originals

Hey gleeks! If there's one thing I love about glee it is their song covers. What are some of your favorite glee covers? Mine are...valerie, back to black, we are young, jessies girl, total eclipse of the heart, toxic, slave 4 u, and stand by you.
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Favorite OG6 character? Sorry if I misspelled a name lol

  • Mercedes Jones
  • Kurt Hummel
  • Artie Abrams
  • Tina Cohen-Chang
  • Rachel Berry
  • Finn Hudson
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Someone wants to get to know each other?

Anyone from Poland want to get to know each other?
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Ideas for putting glee back on

I have lots of ideas for putting Glee back on my idea is more new seasons to cover and new songs to cover that is one idea the other idea is I am the unknown mysteries adopted brother to Finn Hudson I’m David Hudson Finn Hudson’s father adopted me and I would like to be on the new seasons of Glee as the main character as the son to Burt Hummel and Carole Hummel.
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Does anyone want to sing along of glee music with me?
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Klaine: choose your favourite.

Choose your favourite among these 4 pics! I can't decide, they're all too good but what's yours?
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Um.. I have a question

I konw Sanata's ailase is a "snixx"
But i dont konw What snixx does mean
Can you explain me what "snixx" does mean??
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Glee New Generation

Warning: Contains Spoilers
So the last episode of Glee, Jesse wants Kurt and Blaine's baby 'out' of Rachel already, so they can start a family already. What if once they start a family, they have two kids, and name them Cory (boy) and Finley (girl)?? And Corey be a really bad dancer and Finley the best singer. What do you guys think? Or any other ideas for their next generations?
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Hey so I’m new to this app so I well do not know how to work it yet put I such a big glee lover
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Quinntana or Brittana or Quick

Who do you guys ship more.
I ship Quinntana and Brittana
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What are you guys thoughts on Faberry?
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I drew this based off sometjing i saw online. What do you guys think? ❤
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Would You Like Glee Halloween Costumes To Happen?

With Halloween Around The Corner, Would You Like To See Glee Halloween Costumes Happen? Dressing Up As Your Favorite Characters Like Will, Finn, Or Santana?
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New watcher

I just started watching about 2 days ago, and I’m already done with season 1. I’m literally obsessed why didn’t I watch beforeeee.❤️
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Favorite Nickname

What was your favorite nickname that Santana gave one of the characters? Mine is Hobbit that she gave Rachel. What about you guys? 😁
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How many times has klaine said “I love you” to each other? This is for an edit, so please respond!
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