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I have to admit... I ship Sebastian with Dave *and* Kurt. Even though the guy has made it clear he's unattracted to, or at least not interested in either of them. We'd definitely need to see Sebastian interacting more with Dave to figure that one out, though. I want to know why Seb said those things to him the time. Was he being genuine, or did he just want to get away?

And it's weird, because I'm not a Klaine fan, but right now I can't make myself ship Seblaine, and can only envisage Sebastian and Blaine clashing pretty badly... I think because both of them are such frontmen. Sometimes, I can see them embracing this and being interesting together (like in well written fan fic) but mostly, I can see them *killing* each other over fights for the spotlight. Mind you, if Blaine stayed at McKinley that wouldn't be too much of a problem.

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