2011 Western Ohio Sectional Championship
2011 Western Ohio Sectional Championship
Venue: The April Rhodes Civic Pavilion
Judges: Brandi Englebert,
Dorothy Saunders,
Tickles the Clown
Theme: Classics
Episode: Hold on to Sixteen
Competition Guide
2011 National Show Choir Championship
2012 Midwest Regional Championship

The 2011 Western Ohio Sectional Championship was a competition between New Directions, The Troubletones, and The Unitards. The judges of this competition were Brandi Englebert, Dorothy Saunders and Tickles the Clown. The New Directions performed ABC, Control, and Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson; the Troubletones performed Survivor/I Will Survive by Destiny's Child/Gloria Gaynor; and The Unitards performed Buenos Aires from Evita. The New Directions got first place, the Troubletones got second place and the Unitards got third place.



The Unitards

The Troubletones

New Directions


Name Place
New Directions 1st
The Troubletones 2nd
The Unitards 3rd


  • A cameraman can be seen onstage to the left, with his back to the New Directions dancers downstage. He's filming upstage towards the band. Source



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