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2012 National Show Choir Championships
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Venue: Chicago
Judges: Lindsay Lohan,
Perez Hilton,
Martin Fong
Theme: Vintage
Episode: Nationals
Competition Guide
2012 Midwest Regional Championship
2012 Western Ohio Sectional Championship

The 2012 National Show Choir Championships was a competition in which the top 50 show choirs of the 2012 National Show Choir Championships competed to become the National Champions. The New DirectionsThe Portland Scale BlazersVocal Adrenaline and forty-seven other show choirs competed during Nationals, with The New Directions being crowned the winners.



New Directions

Vocal Adrenaline

The Portland Scale Blazers

  • Other 47 unknown.


Overall ranking

Name Place
New Directions 1st
Vocal Adrenaline 2nd
Portland Scale Blazers 3rd

MVP award

Name Awardee
Vocal Adrenaline Unique

Voting Table

Choir/Judge Lindsay Lohan Perez Hilton Martin Fong Audience Total
New Directions 3 1 3 3 10
Vocal Adrenaline 2 3 2 2 9
The Portland Scale Blazers 1 2 1 1 5



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