Adam's Apples
Baby Got Back Performance
Debut: Sadie Hawkins
Type: Glee Club
Head: Adam Crawford (possibly former)
Status: Presumably Active

Adam's Apples is a show choir based at NYADA in New York.

When Kurt is caught looking at their sign up sheet, Adam, the lead singer of the group, introduces himself and asks Kurt to sign up. Kurt is reminded of Rachel telling him not to join, because it's social suicide, but Adam won't go down without a fight. He drags Kurt downstairs and Kurt laughs and enjoys the performance of Baby Got Back, sung by the "Adam's Apples." The group is full of unique people, wearing different hairdos and clothes. They pull off awkward and hilarious dance moves, making Kurt laugh a lot.

Adam kicked Kurt out after he found out he was engaged.

Known members

Former members

Known songs


  • Jennifer "J-Fo" Foster (Apple #1) and Eric Sequera (Apple #6) both auditioned for The Glee Project 1 and 2, respectively, but didn't get in.
  • Joey Richter (Apple #8) is a close friend and roommate of Darren Criss.
  • Tessa Netting (Apple #9) is a good friend of Curt Mega, who plays Nick from The Warblers.
  • Their club name is a word play of the "Adam's apple," a feature of the human neck.
    • Adam is the leader of the club and Manhattan, the place where NYADA is located, is commonly called "The Big Apple."


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