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Alma Lopez
Alma Lopez
General Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Aliases: Abuela, Abuelita (Santana)
Family & Friends
Family: Dr. Lopez (son)
Maribel Lopez (daughter-in-law)
Santana Lopez (grand-daughter, disowned)
Relationships: Mr. Lopez (husband)
Other Information
Weaknesses: Narrow-mindedness
Series Information
First episode: I Kissed a Girl
Last episode: I Kissed a Girl
Portrayer: Ivonne Coll

Alma Lopez is a grandmother of Santana Lopez, whom Santana looks up to. She comes across as quite ruthless and is likely where Santana gets her abrasive nature from.

She only makes a minor appearance in I Kissed a Girl, but is mentioned in a few other episodes from Seasons One to Three.

She is portrayed by Ivonne Coll.


Season Three

Mash Off

Santana mentions that her abuela (grandmother in Spanish) is not a nice lady, and tried to sell her once. Also, Santana mentions that it had taken her until kindergarten to realize that her name was not 'Garbage Face'. However, it was possible she was referring to another grandmother because she looks up to Alma.

I Kissed a Girl

Alma is introduced as Santana's grandmother, whom she loves dearly. After Santana comes out to her, she gets angry and tells her that "some secrets are best kept as secrets," and kicks her out of the house. She then storms out of the kitchen, leaving a heartbroken Santana crying in the kitchen. This is the first and last time Alma appears on Season Three. It is unknown if she will appear in future episodes.

On My Way

When asked about the things they want in the future, Santana mentions that she wants her abuela to love her again some day.


Santana mentions how Alma didn't accept her sexuality. Maribel Lopez mentions her disappointment in her mother-in-law's inability to accept it, but shrugs it off.

Season Four

Lights Out

Santana mentions that her grandmother put Santana in ballet class due to her being such a tomboy.

Season Five

Tina in the Sky with Diamonds

While Santana talks with Dani about how her parents embraced her sexuality, Santana tells Dani that her parents love her for whatever she is but her Grandmother doesn't seem to be cool with it.


  • Santana mentions in Mash Off that her grandmother is not a nice lady and tried to sell her once. It is unknown as to whether she was referring to Alma or her other grandmother, although it may be the latter as Santana looks up to Alma.
  • It can be implied that she is from the Dominican Republic, as the Dominican Flag is seen on her fridge in I Kissed a Girl.
  • She had a picture of Santana on her fridge in I Kissed a Girl.
  • Santana mentions that she only watches univision channel.



Santana, are you pregnant? Because I will beat you up with this chair.

—Alma Lopez to Santana, I Kissed a Girl

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