Anti Prom Party
Location: The Red Rooster Hotel
Episode: Prom-asaurus
The Anti Prom Party is a party devised by Rachel, Kurt, and Blaine in Prom-asaurus so that they can skip Senior Prom. It was originally Rachel's idea. It takes place at the Red Rooster Hotel but the party was eventually abolished when the attendees make the decision to attend the Senior Prom.

Rachel doesn't want to attend the Senior Prom originally as she is upset about Finn running for Prom King with Quinn as his Queen. Kurt agrees that Prom sucks, remembering Junior Prom, in which he was crowned Prom Queen. Blaine is upset about the Brittany-imposed hair gel ban and so agrees to come. Puck joins the group after being frustrated about his failure in class and is ready to quit his tradition of spiking Sue's punch. Rachel asks Becky to come as well.

At the anti-prom party, Kurt suggests doing a fashion show and making clothes out of the curtains but it is dismissed as 'too gay'. Becky then declares it as 'the worst anti-prom ever.' After Finn arrives, escorting Rachel to Prom, Blaine and Kurt follow, leaving Becky and Puck in the hotel room. They play a game of strip poker until Puck and Becky have a conversation where he cheers her up about going to Prom, and they both end up going together.



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