Artie's Dream is a universe where multiple events/situations of the series never occurred, and glee club was never formed because Artie never became paralyzed. It appeared in Glee, Actually, the tenth episode of Season Four.
Glee, Actually, Kurt, Finn, Puck, Ryder, Sam and Artie

Artie dreams about it after he fell over on ice and wished to never have been in his wheelchair. Rory appears as his guardian angel to show the consequences of this wish to him. During Artie's dream, he realizes the glee club would never have existed if he was never in his wheelchair. He tries to bring the glee club back together by singing Feliz Navidad to them, but everyone thinks it's weird and Finn comments on the performance saying it was "so gay".

Reality Chart

Normal Events  Alternate Events
Artie got into car accident at age 8 and was put in a wheelchair. Artie's accident never happenend, and he is on the football team.
Tina stopped stuttering because she gained confidence after befriending Artie. She never stopped because she and Artie never became friends. She was still afraid of people.
Finn, Puck and other certain members of the football team joined Glee Club and became friends with everyone else. Finn, Mike and Puck successfully graduated in 2012. All the glee guys are jerks and bullies, including Finn. Finn, Mike and Puck are still in high school.
Kurt graduated from high school and eventually moved to New York with Rachel. Kurt never graduated because he skipped most of his high school years due to being constantly bullied and all the homeschooling set him back a year.
Blaine met Kurt and eventually became his boyfriend. Blaine never met Kurt, so Kurt never gained courage to stand up for himself.
Will lead the Glee Club, divorced Terri after finding out she faked pregnancy and eventually started dating Emma. Glee club never happened, so Will became an alcoholic and is still married to Terri, who is using a fake doll to fool Will.
Emma never married Ken Tanaka and started dating Will; Tanaka had a nervous breakdown. Ken and Emma married and moved to Hawaii.
Rachel graduated, moved to New York and is attending NYADA. Rachel graduated, but she never left Ohio and became the school's new librarian.
Quinn got into a car accident while texting Rachel on her way to Finn and Rachel's wedding and was temporarily paralyzed, but she learned to walk again with the help of her friends. Quinn had the same accident while texting, but never learned to walk again without help from her friends and eventually died from a broken heart.
Puck graduated with help from Artie, Beiste, and Quinn. Puck didn't graduate and is repeating his senior year.
Becky respected herself and went on a date with Artie. Becky doesn't respect herself, and neither does anyone else. She ended up being pregnant.
The Choir Room was given to New Directions to practice their assignments, etc. The Choir Room became Sue's Craft Room where several members of the club work.
Kurt got Burt and Carole to meet each other, and following that, they got married. Since New Directions never existed, Kurt never did that and therefore, Burt and Carole didn't know each other.


  • Nothing is said about what would have happened to Santana, BrittanyLauren, MercedesSugar, Rory, (without counting his appearance as Artie's guardian angel) or Matt in this alternative timeline.
  • It is implied that Quinn and Finn would still have been a couple, since Rachel could have never succeed to make Finn her boyfriend, but Quinn would have broken-up with Finn prior to her death.
  • It is unclear why Mike would have been a bully and still have been in high school since it was established in Asian F that he had very good marks. Also, he was never shown to be a bully, reluctantly or willingly, even in his first appearance, although that could also be said about Sam and Ryder.
  • None of the couples as they occurred in reality, would have existed in this timeline.