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Artie-Becky Relationship
General Information
Nickname: Arbecky
Intimacy Level: Friends
One-sided crush (Becky's Side)
Dating History: Went on one date in Yes/No (not a real date)
Dating Status: Broke up in Yes/No
The Artie-Becky Relationship, most commonly known as Arbecky or Artecky, is the relationship between McKinley High graduates Artie Abrams and Becky Jackson.

The relationship started in the episode Yes/No, as a one-sided crush from Becky's side. They had one date at Breadstix.


Season Three


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In this episode, Becky decides to find a new boyfriend for herself. After giving her point of view of various Glee Club members (Rory, Puck, and Mike) and then rejecting them, she glares at Artie (seeing that he is also disabled) and decides he will be her new boyfriend.

After Artie asks Sugar to do a song together and the girl rejects it, Becky approaches Artie and ask him to go out, to what he replies: "Go where?" Becky then invites him for a date.

During the Moves Like Jagger/Jumpin' Jack Flash performance, Becky goes into the auditorium and smiles while she watches Artie singing. Once it's finished, everybody leaves the stage and Artie and Becky are left alone. Becky says that the Date Part 1 was amazing, to what Artie replies that it had been the whole date so she could see him bring his sexy. Becky tells Artie Part 2 is dinner at Breadstix.

During a meeting of the Glee Club, his fellow New Directions members suggest Artie a Becky intervention due to having seen him having dinner with her in Breadstix. Artie replies that he had really had a great moment with her and that they were as shallow as the rest of the school.

Then, Becky is seen walking on the hallways with her phone while she sends a file to Artie. When she approaches him, she invites him to seal the deal and tells him to check his phone to see what he would get on Friday night her place. It is assumed that she took a nude photo of herself.

The file seems to be a nude pic from Becky, as Sue said she has a particular shape when Artie goes and ask her advice. Sue tells Artie that if he doesn't want to date her anymore, he should go straight and tell her as a normal person, because that's how Becky would want to be treated.

In the end of the episode, Artie approaches Becky. He tells her he doesn't want to be in the relationship anymore. She asks him if the reason of the break-up is due to her intimidating mood, to what he replies "Yes." Then Becky leaves Artie, and her voice-over says: "I didn't ask him what I wanted to ask him. I didn't ask if the reason he didn't want to be my boyfriend was because I have Down's. I didn't ask him because I know the answer is yes. Some days, it sucks being me. This is one of those days. Focus, Becky. Don't let them see you cry."

Season Four

Glee, Actually


In Artie's dream, Artie is walking down the halls and meets up with Becky who is pregnant. Immediately, Becky starts hitting on Artie and tries to convince him to sleep with her, which he immediately rejects. When she leaves, Artie is left confused. Rory (as his guardian angel) tells him that she has now become the school slut and no one treats her with respect. Artie brings up the date they had, but Rory tells him that in this world, he was too busy throwing people in dumpsters to give her any attention and kindness. Therefore, she never gained respect and confidence.



Becky is one of the girls who buys the "Men of McKinley" calendar from the New Directions. When Becky gets to Artie, she asks him to sign her one, and calls him her "future husband" leaving Artie in an awkward position. She then hugs the calendar.

Season Five

A Katy or A Gaga


Becky witnesses a kiss between Artie and Kitty which is obviously upsetting, she tells Kitty that she had Artie first, and that Kitty is getting "sloppy seconds." She also watches with Artie and New Directions, the Katy's performance of Applause.

Movin' Out

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Artie is very concerned that Becky wants to stay in high school and not go to college. He brings brochures to her even after Sue threatens him to not talk to Becky again (Sue thinks Becky is not ready for college). He invites Becky to the auditorium where he sings Honesty which she mistakes for him being in love with her. After clearing it up that he meant she had to be honest with herself about her desire to go to a college. Becky tells Artie that she is afraid to go to college because other students might make fun of her for her disability, like they used to do before she was in the Cheerios. Artie tells Becky the only way they will both overcome their fears about college is to face them and move forward. Artie also tells Becky she will have the support of professors, counselors, and new friends as well as the friends she already has.

Artie later talks to Sue about taking Becky on a college tour, and Sue finally agrees it is time to let Becky explore her options. Artie and Becky go to the University of Cincinnati to look at an inclusive college program for students with developmental disabilities. As she is introduced to other students, Artie smiles as he watches as Becky make friends. After Artie's help and touring the campus, Becky decides that she is ready for college after all.


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  • The portmanteau for this couple could be Bartie, which coincidentally is the commonly used name for the former relationship of Brittany and Artie.
  • In Previously Unaired Christmas, Sam and Tina decide to give the angel they won for the Christmas tree competition to Becky who was very upset after losing the prize. Artie tells Sam and Tina that though the gesture is well intended, it borders on condescending.



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