The Astronomy Club is a club formed by Brittany in Shooting Star, the eighteenth episode of Season Four, due to the supposed threat of an asteroid striking the Earth.


Season Four

Shooting Star

At the beginning of the episode, Brittany announces her discovery of a deadly asteroid headed straight towards Lima, which she has named the 'Tubbington Bop'. She explains that she is going to spend the rest of the week making amends for her wrongs. It is assumed that she forms the astronomy club at this point.

She disbands it later in the episode, after realizing that the 'Tubbington Bop' is actually a dead ladybug at the end of her 'telescope', which turns out to be a Pringles tube. The astronomy club applauds her, relieved. However, she announces that, having shamed the stargazing community, she is disbanding the club permanently. Her 'young astronomers' leave, downcast.

Known members