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Ave Maria
Album: N/A
Released: Unreleased
By: Franz Schubert
Sung by: Beatrice McClaine
Place: The Round Room
Episode: The New Rachel

Ave Maria by Franz Schubert is featured in The New Rachel, the first episode of Season Four. It is sung by Beatrice.

Carmen Tibideaux stops her from singing, right after one line, believing that she hadn't practiced enough over the summer. Beatrice claims that she had, but Carmen doesn't believe her, so she is expelled from NYADA. Carmen suggests that Beatrice should re-apply for the following semester. This leaves her extremely upset, and she is shown to be almost crying as she walks off the platform. This makes Rachel extremely confused and nervous and coincidentally, Rachel is called up next.


Ave Maria



Franz Schubert Ave Maria(04:55)
Ave Maria - Glee(00:27)
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