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Bichette Glee
General Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Address: New York
Occupations: Runs/Agent at House of Bichette Modeling Agency
Aliases: Bee-shay, Bitch-ette, Mini bitch (Sam)
Family & Friends
Friends: Sam Evans
Other Information
Interests: Modeling
Series Information
First episode: Movin' Out
Last episode: Movin' Out
Portrayer: Tyra Banks

Bichette is a minor character that made her debut in Movin' Out, the sixth episode of Glee's fifth season. She is the owner and manager of the House of Bichette company.

She is portrayed by Tyra Banks.


Season Five

Movin' Out

Sam comes to the House of Bichette company to apply to be a male model, and to show Bichette some photos from his photoshoot.

She is impressed by Sam's looks and body. She is somewhat intrigued by his mouth, which Sam describes as 'trouty' for her. She explains the ins and outs of the modelling business to Sam, telling him to lose 10 pounds if he wants to get his foot in the door. Sam, surprised, just smiles. Later in the episode, Sam says that he refuses to do what Bichette wants.


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