Biff McIntosh
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Occupations: President of a secret society
Captain of the Yale water polo team
Aliases: Mr. Preppy McDimple Butt (April Rhodes)
Family & Friends
Relationships: Quinn Fabray (ex-girlfriend)
Enemies: Quinn Fabray (possibly)
Noah Puckerman
New Directions
Other Information
Education: Yale (Current)
Series Information
First episode: 100
Last episode: 100
Portrayer: Chace Crawford

Biff McIntosh is a character that debuted in 100. He is a Yale student who was in a relationship with Quinn. His family planted the first ever Macintosh apple orchord in Pennsylvania. He is described as being a "degenerate."

He is portrayed by actor Chace Crawford.


Season Five


Biff & quinn

Biff is introduced as Puck and Quinn are in the hallway talking. He comes up and tickles Quinn causing her to giggle and say, "you know that's my tickle spot." Then they share a kiss and he says he got bored at the hotel. When Puck asks about his last name, Biff says that his family planted the first McIntosh apple orchord in Pennsylvania. Then Quinn introduces the two and Biff asks if the name Puckerman is Jewish. Quinn and Biff leave Puck as she says she wants to show him the auditorium. As Biff walks off he tells Puck that his uniform looks a little itchy just like Quinn had told Puck earlier.

He is seen sitting in the choir room during the Toxic performance. He doesn't watch the performance at all though, and is seen texting the entire time. After the performance April asks what he thought of it and he says he thought it was very energetic. Mike says, "dude, you were texting the whole time." This causes Quinn to stick up for Biff by saying he is very busy as he is president of a secret society and captain of the water polo team. Then Biff and Quinn embrace in a hug and he says "great."

Biff and Quinn are later at Breadstix. He says that he loves her and wants to really get to know her but not from her, from her friends. He then invites Puck, Artie, Santana, and Mike over to eat with them. They all introduce themselves to him and then he asks them to describe Quinn in one sentence. Mike and Santana tell him about how she used to be a "skank," dyed her hair pink, got a Ryan Seacrest tattoo, and lit a purple piano on fire, but as compliments. Quinn is embarrassed by this and asks Biff to go get her purse out of the car as a way to get him to leave. She tells the others that she is presenting herself in a certain way and will tell him everything about her past when she is ready.

Biff Trash
After Puck sings Keep Holding On, Puck tells Quinn that people love her for who she is and she shouldn't be ashamed of her past. Quinn says that she is in love with Biff and walks away.

Biff and Quinn are later seen outside the school arguing about how Quinn was hiding her past. He is very upset about it all and calls Quinn a "dirty little slut bag." This prompts her to grab and squeeze his nose. Puck sees the interaction and knocks Biff into a bus and then punches him. This leads to a fight between the two in which Puck throws Biff into a dumpster. Puck says that Quinn is much better than Biff and should come be with her real friends in the choir room. Biff is shown standing up in the dumpster as Puck walks off. When Puck and Quinn are looking at Finn's football jersey in the locker room, Puck asks if Biff is her soul mate. She says he is going back to Yale alone.


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