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Blaine-Eli Relationship
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General Information
Nickname: Bleli
Intimacy Level: One-Night Stand
Facebook Friends

The Blaine-Eli Relationship is the one-time relationship between Blaine Anderson and Eli.C. It is implied by Blaine that Eli is the boy that Blaine hooked up with in The Break-Up.


Season Four

The Break-Up

Eli was really attracted to Blaine, as he sent Blaine flirty Facebook messages, and offered Blaine an invitation to come over to his place, which Blaine accepted. Blaine claims that Eli was "A guy that friended me on Facebook," and also Eli asks Blaine if the problem was "I don't look like my profile picture.."


Later in Glease, when Blaine confesses to Kurt about the hook up, he claims that it didn't mean anything.

Dynamic Duets

When Blaine is about to leave McKinley and transfer back to Dalton, Sam asks about what happened to him and Kurt. Blaine opens up, and a flashback shows that Blaine did indeed hook up with Eli. Blaine looks unsettled and upset on the bed pulling his shirt back on when Eli walks in from the background, although we never see his face, we can, however, see that his shirt is open showing that he and Blaine indeed "hooked-up." Eli asked if everything was okay, and if the problem is he didn't look like his Facebook photo (which was a lighthouse). He told Sam that it was just a Facebook friend fling. He admitted he felt that Kurt was moving on without him and that maybe they weren't meant to be. But right after he did it, he immediately regretted it; realizing that he and Kurt were meant to be together forever.


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