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  • Bennyboyneb

    • Dominic Barnes as Trent
    • Grant Gustin as Sebastian Smythe
    • Jonathan Hall as John
    • Riker Lynch as Jeff
    • Titus Makin Jr. as David
    • Eddy Martin as Thad
    • Curt Mega as Nick

    • Darren Criss as Blaine Anderson
    • Chris Colfer as Kurt Hummel
    • Telly Leung as Wes

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  • DantanaBR

    Bitch I'm Madonna

    July 22, 2015 by DantanaBR

    Bitch I'm Madonna by Madonna ft. Nicki Minaj will be featured in Recruitment, the fourth episode Season 7 from DantanaBR's fanfiction. It is sung by Sue Sylvester and Becky Jackson with the Cheerios.

    The Cheerios (Sue):
    Ohh ohh ohh ohh
    Ohh ohh ohh ohh (We do it like this)
    Ohh ohh ohh ohh (You're gonna love this)
    Ohh ohh ohh ohh (You can't touch this)
    Ohh ohh ohh ohh (Cause I'm a bad bitch)

    We hit the elevator right up to the rooftop
    The bass is pumping
    Make me wanna screw the top off
    Yeah, we'll be drinking and nobody gonna stop us
    And we'll be kissing anybody that's around us

    Sue (Becky with The Cheerios):
    I just wanna have fun tonight
    (Blow up this shit tonight!)
    Pull me under the flashing light
    Let me blow up this house tonight
    (Gonna …

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  • REBƎLReloaded

    The Wild Ride is the fifth episode of The Savages' first season and the fifth episode overall. It premiered on July 21, 2015.

    It was written by REBƎLReloaded.

    The Savages ditch school for a road trip; however, plans go awry when the group (stranded out in the middle of nowhere) help Carl focus on completing a mission that may put him and the Savages in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Sydney becomes irritated by Nate’s unusual behavior. Alex and Gina rekindle their friendship. Trae gets into an unexpected position with Joe, who continues to manipulate and get information out of him. Rose De Vil continues the scandal investigation, targeting Dirty Dan.

    Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
    Nude Beach A Go-Go Azealia Banks Gina Woods with The Savages
    Young, Fre…

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  • RoseWildeAndersonLopez

    1) Blank Space by Taylor Swift (Jane and Madison)

    2) Tonight Tonight by Hot Chelle Rae (Jake and Unique)

    3) Half of My Heart by John Mayer ft. Taylor Swift (Alistar and Marley)

    4) Love Me Again by John Newman (Mason and Spencer)

    5) Cry Me A River by Justin Timberlake (Rory and Ryder)

    6) Sugar by Maroon 5 (Kitty and Roderick)

    7) Unwritten by Natasha Beddingfield (Jane/Madison/Unique/Marley/Kitty)

    8) Love Lockdown by Kanye West (Jake/Alistar/Mason/Spencer/Rory/Ryder/Roderick)

    9) Sweet Dreams Are Made of This by The Eurythmics (Rachel and Blaine)

    10) Fallin' by Alicia Keys (Brittany and Santana)

    11) What Hurts The Most by Rascal Flatts (Mason and Madison)

    12) Still Into You by Paramore (Puck and Quinn)

    13) Please Don't Leave Me by P!nk (Jake/Marley/Jane/…

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  • HereforHorris

    Glee Wiki Covers:

    July 20, 2015 by HereforHorris


    • Alex (Mickwoow)
    • Alyssa (Alyssafowble9)
    • Charlie (ImmaDivaBitch!)
    • Cass (LoveKlaine)
    • Dan (HereforHorris)
    • Ramon (RamonYS)
    • Skylar (Dongload)
    • Tristan (NCISglee4ever)

    Song: Here  (Well I uploaded it to my soundcloud channel *that link* and they took it down because copyright, but I'll post a link, there you can download the track :D) 

    Here -->

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  • DantanaBR

    Baby don't Lie

    July 19, 2015 by DantanaBR

    Baby don't Lie by Gwen Stefani will be featured in Recruitment, the fourth episode Season 7 from DantanaBR's fanfiction. It is sung by Brittany, Quinn and Santana.This song is sung by Brittany's idea to send a dig at Mike while making a The Unholy Trinity of performance for New Directions.

    Brittany (with Quinn and Santana):
    We've been walking down this road some time (Santana: Woo)
    And you love, and you love me good, no lie (Santana: Woo)
    But there's something behind (those eyes, those eyes)
    That you can't, that you can't (disguise, disguise)

    Brittany and Quinn (Santana):
    Baby don't, baby don't, baby don't lie
    (I don't wanna cry no longer)
    Baby don't, baby don't, baby don't lie
    (I'mma need a love that's stronger)

    Santana with Brittany and Quinn:
    I'll tel…

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  • DantanaBR

    Grown Woman

    July 18, 2015 by DantanaBR

    Grown Woman by Beyoncé will be featured in All Back Again, the first episode from Season 7. It will be sung by Mercedes Jones, Tina Cohen-Chang and Unique Adams. Unique arrives in NY and no place to stay, Tina calls her to live with her and Mercedes and three are super excited. 

    Mercedes (Tina and Unique):
    I remember being young and so brave (Oh)
    I knew what I needed (Oh)
    I was spending all my nights and days (Oh)
    Laid back day dreaming (Oh, oh, day dreamin', oh, day dreamin')

    Unique (Mercedes and Tina):
    Look at me
    I'm a big girl now, said I'm gon' do something (Oh, oh)
    Told the world I would paint this town
    Now betcha I run news


    Tina (Mercedes and Unique):
    'Cause I put it (Down like that, down like that)
    And I'm making (All these racks, all these ra…

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  • BerryHudson1218

    This Summer's Gonna Hurt is the twenty-six and final episode of Season Four in my fanfic series Glee: The New York Story. It's slated to premiere August 1, 2015.

    The New Yorkers plan to spend their second consecutive summer together, only for things to pull them in a different direction; Sam, Kurt, Blaine, Brody and Sebastian make a trip to Yankee Stadium to catch a Yankees game, only for Sam to make a boneheaded error when he steals an outfielder's (Brett Gardner) glove; Rachel and Scott (David Clayton Rogers) are put in a tough position when trying to prove to Puck Stephanie's (Emily Van Camp) motives; Marley's album is released which causes her to worry about where it will chart, but her attention drifts when she's scheduled to go on a mi…

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  • DantanaBR

    Do What U Want

    July 17, 2015 by DantanaBR

    Do What U Want by Lady Gaga feat. R. Kelly will be featured in Recruitment from season 7. It will be sung by Brittany, Puck, Quinn and Santana. 

    This song is sung because Santana and Brittany are in Santana's room, Quinn and Puck in Puck's room. And there's Mercedes and Sam are willing to try dating.

    I, I feel good
    I walk alone
    But then I trip over myself and I fall
    I, I stand up, and then I'm OK
    But then you print some shit that makes me wanna scream

    Brittany and Quinn:
    So do what you want
    What you want with my body
    Do what you want
    Don't stop, let's party

    Do what you want
    What you want with my body

    Santana with Brittany and Quinn:
    Do what you want
    What you want with my body

    Brittany with Quinn and Santana:
    Write what you want
    Say what you w…

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  • HopeZidel

    Turn Me On

    July 16, 2015 by HopeZidel

    Turn Me On by David Guetta featuring Nicki Minaj is featured in The Minaj Factor, the tenth episode of Hope Zidel's fictional Season Seven. It is sung by Brittany with the Cheerios.

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  • HopeZidel

    Check It Out

    July 16, 2015 by HopeZidel

    Check It Out by & Nicki Minaj is featured in The Minaj Factor, the tenth episode of Hope Zidel's fictional Season Seven. It is sung by Mercedes and Sam with the New Directions.

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  • HopeZidel

    Super Bass

    July 16, 2015 by HopeZidel

    Super Bass by Nicki Minaj is featured in The Minaj Factor, the tenth episode of Hope Zidel's fictional Season Seven. It is sung by Sue with the Cheerios.

    • This song was first featured in a mash-up with I Still Believe by Brenda K. Starr in Season Four.

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  • HopeZidel

    The Minaj Factor

    July 16, 2015 by HopeZidel

    The Minaj Factor is the tenth episode of Glee's seventh season and the one hundred and thirty-first episode overall. It aired on August 7, 2015.

    The episode is written and directed by Glee Wiki's very own Hope Zidel. Filming on this episode began on June 24, 2015.

    Sue has a dream about when she performed Super Bass in the Choir Room a few years ago, and decides she will once more become Nicki Minaj to help her find her new calling in life. Meanwhile, the New Directions decide it's time for a new lesson and with some help from some hand-picked Alumni, they pick the best lesson yet: the Minaj Factor. Finally, Rachel tries to find a song to impress Carmen Tibideaux with.

    Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
    Super Bass

    Nicki Minaj

    Sue Sylvester …

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  • Nayaforever

    All Too Well

    July 16, 2015 by Nayaforever

    All Too Well by Taylor Swift will be featured in an upcoming episode from Nayaforever's Fan Fiction. It will be sung by Puck and Santana.

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  • DantanaBR


    July 16, 2015 by DantanaBR

    Recruitment is the fourth episode of Glee's season 7. It premiered on November 13th, 2015. This episode was written and directed by DantanaBR. 

    In the former staff command (Rachel, Santana, Dani and Kurt), Spotlight Diner is more successful than with the previous owners. Quinn proposes to change the group (Pamela Lansbury) name to honor Finn Hudson, will be called The Hudsons and Rachel gets emotional. Mike called Rachel to go out like Roderick to Madison, /Dance with me Tonight/ and they accept. Will care for Kurt and warns that the New Directions girls need more participants, Kurt warns that the band goes to Ohio to help them. Brittany conversation with Mike and he says he still loves Tina. Brittany tells Santana and Quinn and they decide …

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  • HopeZidel

    Break-Up and Make-Up (EP) is a Glee digital extended play. It features all the songs from the Season Seven episode Break-Up and Make-Up.

    Break-Up and Make-Up
    # Title Original Artist(s) Length
    1. "Jealous" (Performed by Marshall Williams) Nick Jonas 3:43
    2. "Love Me Like You Do" (Performed by Laura Dreyfuss) Ellie Goulding 4:12
    3. "Volcano" (Performed by Lea Michele) Emily Hearn 2:54
    4. "XO" (Performed by Myko Olivier, Finneas O'Connell, Laura Dreyfuss and Marshall Williams) Beyoncé 3:36
    5. "Try" (Performed by Dianna Agron and Mark Salling) P!nk 4:07
    6. "Gone, Gone, Gone" (Performed by Marshall Williams, Finneas O'Connell, Laura Dreyfuss, Myko Olivier, Dianna Agron, Mark Salling and Lea Michele) Phillip Phillips 3:29 Read more >
  • HopeZidel

    Gone, Gone, Gone

    July 16, 2015 by HopeZidel

    Gone, Gone, Gone by Phillip Phillips  is featured in Break-Up and Make-Up, the ninth episode of Hope Zidel's fictional Season Seven. It is sung by Spencer, Alistair, Madison, Skylar, Quinn, Puck and Rachel.

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  • HopeZidel

    Try (P!nk Song)

    July 16, 2015 by HopeZidel

    Try by P!nk  is featured in Break-Up and Make-Up, the ninth episode of Hope Zidel's fictional Season Seven. It is sung by Quinn and Puck.

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  • HopeZidel


    July 16, 2015 by HopeZidel

    XO by Beyoncé is featured in Break-Up and Make-Up, the ninth episode of Hope Zidel's fictional Season Seven. It is sung by Skylar, Alistair, Madison and Spencer.

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  • HopeZidel


    July 16, 2015 by HopeZidel

    Volcano by Emily Hearn is featured in Break-Up and Make-Up, the ninth episode of Hope Zidel's fictional Season Seven. It is sung by Rachel.

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  • HopeZidel

    Love Me Like You Do

    July 16, 2015 by HopeZidel

    Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding is featured in Break-Up and Make-Up, the ninth episode of Hope Zidel's fictional Season Seven. It is sung by Madison with the New Directions.

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  • SamAndQuinnForever123

    Hey guys,

    I understand now that the majority of you dont actually know who I am, but I was here nearly 3 years ago where I met the most amazing people who had changed my life forever. I was childish back then and I had absolutely no reason to leave this wiki. It took me coming back to realise how much my life had changed since being here. I've learned that most of the people that I had made friends with have now gone their seperate ways and only a few remain on the wiki.

    Since being back, I've just read Luke's blog when he left 2 years ago. I felt like crying because I wasnt able to thank him for being my friend, like I'm now not able to thank any of my old friends for being there for me. I regret what I did 3 years ago. So here it goes, sor…

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  • HopeZidel


    July 15, 2015 by HopeZidel

    Jealous by Nick Jonas is featured in Break-Up and Make-Up, the ninth episode of Hope Zidel's fictional Season Seven. It is sung by Spencer.

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  • Jmbf2001

    Season Six

    July 15, 2015 by Jmbf2001

     Season Six of Glee will air in 2015.

    The show's sixth season spans into 13 episodes total, not like 5 past seasons, having the first four seasons, 22 episodes, and the last one 20.

    On April 19, 2013, Fox renewed Glee for both fifth and sixth season. Later, on October 17, 2013, a week after The Quarterback aired, series creator Ryan Murphy confirmed that the sixth season would maybe be the show's final one.

    While Heather Morris and Amber Riley were promoted to series regulars, Jenna Ushkowitz, was demoted to recurring guest stars for the season.

    • Jacob Artist as Jake Puckerman
    • Melissa Benoist as Marley Rose
    • Chris Colfer as Kurt Hummel
    • Darren Criss as Blaine Anderson
    • Jane Lynch as Sue Sylvester
    • Blake Jenner as Ryder Lynn
    • Kevin McHale as Artie Abrams
    • Lea M…

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  • Jmbf2001

    Season Seven

    July 15, 2015 by Jmbf2001


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  • Slushied4Life

    "Come Together" is the fifteenth episode of Glee's sixth season and the one hundred and twenty third episode overall. It aired on July 13, 2015. It was written and directed by Slushied4Life.

    After the events that has transpired between the New Directions and its rivals the Titans and the Cheerios, Will, Beiste, and Sue bring the groups together for a week which is the same week as the Football State Championship game. Brittany and Santana receive news that attempts to derail their wedding plans.

    This episode is dedicated to the loving memory of Cory Monteith, who passed away 2 years ago to this day. We will always miss and love you. Thanks for reminding us to never stop believing.

    This episode is also dedicated to the entire LGBT community. …

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  • EternalFlame

    Can't Forget The Past is the first episode of Newburgh Season One and the first episode overall. It premiered on June 13th 2015. The episode is character-centric around Rachel Collins. It was written by Nathan.

    A year prior to current events, Alexis and her friends are having a sleep-over when they are suddenly interrupted by a strange occurrence, when Alexis goes to investigate, She disappears and two of her friends are knocked out, with no memory of the events. Now, The girls have split apart after Alexis' disappearance and new girl Rachel Collins deals with the possibility of losing her home after an anonymous letter appears through her door threatening to make her whole family homeless.

    • Elle Fanning as Rachel Collins (1/22)
    • Nicola Peltz as …

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  • Phineasmon302

    Dance Tourbillon

    July 12, 2015 by Phineasmon302

    Dance Tourbillon is a fanfiction mash-up of Glee, Kamen Rider Gaim, Tribe Cool Crew, and general aspects of various magical idol anime such as Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch and Show By Rock!!. The series is centered around three teenage girls from different parts of the world who are chosen, through the popular rhythm game Dance Tourbillon, to form a dance group and fight off the corrupt organization Arcadia by opposing their group, the Shangri-Lovers, in a global song-and-dance tournament.

    • Lindy Long (full name: Belinda Suzana Long) - The main character and the face of the dance group Tourbillon. An openly asexual 15-year-old, Lindy can come across as standoffish and rude due to her blunt and sarcastic nature, but is kind and righteous above all …

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  • EternalFlame


    July 11, 2015 by EternalFlame

    Newburgh is a Fan fiction of the popular TV show Pretty Little Liars and an original story. The series is centred around a group of high school students who are all suspects in a murder case when they start getting anonymous texts from someone called "A". The series will include the musical aspects of Glee and the main plot drive of Pretty Little Liars, with original story lines by the writer - Nathan.

    Set in Newburgh, New York, After the murder of fellow student Alexis Rennie, A group of students become shafted by the current events. Tensions rise when an anonymous person starts to text them with the alias "- A", causing havoc and threatening to reveal their secrets.

    One of these students commit the crime - but who was it?

    The series will begi…

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  • BerryHudson1218

    Ring The Alarm is the twenty-fifth episode of Season Four in my fanfic series Glee: The New York Story. It's slated to premiere July 25, 2015.

    When the girls don't feel empowered enough, they turn to the music of Beyonce in order to help them with their issues; Rachel tries to devote more attention to Finn, but realizes it may be too late when he's far from wanting her attention; Mike asks Brittany to help him coach a dance class, but when Santana finds out one of the dancers is getting too close to Brittany, she becomes outraged and insecure, especially since she's pregnant; Marley's asked to record "Crazy In Love" for the second 50 Shades of Grey movie soundtrack and to gain understanding of the song, she reads the trilogy, around the same …

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  • Icekingfan

    Gives You Hell by The All-American Rejects is featured in Rule Breaker, the fifth episode of Season Seven. It is sung by Santana with New Directions as back-up vocals.

    Santana: I wake up every evening With a big smile on my face And it never feels out of place And you’re still probably working At a 9 to 5 pace I wonder how bad that tastes

    When you see my face Hope it gives you hell Hope it gives you hell When you walk my way Hope it gives you hell Hope it gives you hell

    Now where’s your picket fence, love? And where’s that shiny car? Did it ever get you far? You never seem so tense, love I never seen you fall so hard Do you know where you are?

    And truth be told I miss you (New Directions: Be told I miss you...) And truth be told I'm lying (New…

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  • DantanaBR


    July 6, 2015 by DantanaBR

    Papaoutai by Stromae be featured in Orphans from Season 7. It will be sung by Rachel Berry. It is sung because Rachel is a French child in the street. To cheer her up, she sings this song.

    Dites-moi d'où il vient
    Enfin je saurais où je vais
    Maman dis que lorsqu'on cherche bien
    On finit toujours par trouver

    Elle dit qu'il n'est jamais très loin
    Qu'il part très souvent travailler
    Maman dit "travailler c'est bien"
    Bien mieux qu'être mal accompagné
    Pas vrai?

    Où est ton papa?
    Dis-moi où est ton papa?
    Sans même devoir lui parler
    Il sait ce qui ne va pas
    Ah, sacré papa!
    Dis-moi où es-tu caché!
    Ça doit faire au moins mille fois que j'ai
    Compté mes doigts

    Où t'es? Papaoutai?
    Où t'es? Papaoutai?
    Où t'es? Papaoutai?
    Où t'es, où t'es
    Où papaoutai?

    Où t'es? Papaoutai?
    Où …

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  • Alyssafowble

    Season 2 of Glee: The Life Continues in New York started yesterday, and I thought of putting in an addition to the reurring cast.

    The recurring cast still has the same from Season 1, but a slight change to one of the guest cast happened. For this season, I promoted Heather's character as Brittany to the recurring cast for this season. Does anyone think I should update my first blog to add her to the recurring?

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  • DantanaBR

    Work this Out

    July 3, 2015 by DantanaBR

    Work this Out by cast of High School Musical 2 be featured in Orphans from Season 7.  It will be sung by Pamela Lansbury. It is sung because Sue called the band to perform at the Orphanage Cory Jackson and none of the old New Directions wants to participate, but Rachel and Sam because they distrust it. 

    How did we get from the top of the World
    to the bottom of the heap?

    I dont recall you mentioning
    the boss is such a creep

    Puck (with Artie):
    We still have the (ingredients) to
    make this summer sweet

    Well, I got rags instead of riches

    And all these dirty dishes

    Artie (with Pamela Lansbury):
    Just wish (I had three wishes)

    Okay guys, break it up

    We’ve got to work, work, work this out
    Well make things right, the sun will sh…

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  • Icekingfan

    It's Raining Men

    July 2, 2015 by Icekingfan

    It's Raining Men by The Weather Girls is featured in TBA, an episode of Icekingfan's fan fiction series. It is sung by New Directions Girls with Solos from Mercedes, Quinn, Santana, And Rachel.

    Mercedes (Santana): Hi Hi, We're your weather girls (Uh huh) And have we got news for you (You better listen) Get ready all you lovely girls and leave those umbrellas at home (Alright)

    Quinn: Humidity is rising Barometer's getting low

    Mercedes: According to our sources The street's the place to go

    Santana: Cause' tonight for the first time Just about half past ten

    Rachel: For the first time in history It's gonna start raining men

    New Directions Girls: It's raining men Hallejulah It's raining men Amen

    Quinn: I'm gonna go out I'm gonna let myself get (wi…

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  • Quinn1996


    July 2, 2015 by Quinn1996

    Glee: The Music, Quinn Fabray is a fake Glee digital extended play. It features all the songs that Brittany Pierce and Quinn Fabray have ever sung together in.

    • Artie and Tina sang in all the songs they sang together in in Season Two, while Santana sang in all the songs they sang in seasons three - six.
    • They sang the least together out of any of the original girl combinations.
    • Quinn is portrayed by Dianna Agron, while Brittany is portrayed by Heather Morris.
    • They sang a total of ten songs together throughout their time in the series.
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  • Quinn1996


    July 2, 2015 by Quinn1996
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  • Quinn1996


    July 2, 2015 by Quinn1996
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  • Quinn1996


    July 2, 2015 by Quinn1996

    Glee: The Music, Quinn Fabray is a fake Glee digital extended play. It features all the songs that Artie Abrams and Quinn Fabray have sung together.

    • Artie is portrayed by Kevin McHale, while Quinn is portrayed by Dianna Agron.
    • They sang a total of ten songs together throughout their time in the series.
    • Brittany and Tina sang in all the songs they sang together in season two, while Brittany and Santana sang with them in all the songs in season six.
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  • EXO-M

    Crescent Connection is an American FanFiction created by EXO-M that is based on the hit series Glee (TV Series). It focuses on a fictional high school in New Orleans that has finally been remodeled since being destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. And though Academics and Sports have seemed to help the school live up to its old reputation some kids fight to bring the arts back to the city. A city that prides itself on its music and art will now be opened up to a new generation of musicians breaking the mold and standing up for what they believe in.

    No word yet on if any of the Original members of the series will make a crossover on the series but it will be a complete stand alone series based on the original concept of a musical theme. A pilot is …

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  • DantanaBR

    Love is an Open Door

    June 30, 2015 by DantanaBR

    Love is an Open Door by cast of Frozen be featured in Orphans from Season 7. It will be sung by Blaine Anderson and Quinn Fabray.

    Okay, can I just, say something crazy?

    I love crazy!

    All my life has been a series of doors in my face
    And then suddenly I bumped into you

    I was thinking the same thing! 'Cause like
    I've been searching my whole life to find my own place
    And maybe it's the party talking or the chocolate fondue

    But with you

    But with you
    I found my place (Quinn: I see your face)

    Blaine and Quinn (Quinn):
    And it's nothing like I've ever known before...
    Love is an open door
    Love is an open (door) (Blaine: door)
    Love is an open door

    Quinn (Blaine):
    With you
    (With you)
    With you
    (With you)

    Blaine and Quinn:
    Love is an ope…

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  • Icekingfan

    Rule The World

    June 30, 2015 by Icekingfan

    Rule The World by Walk Off The Earth is featured in TBA, an episode of Icekingfan's fan fiction series. It is sung by New Directions.

    New Directions: 

    I say I'll rule the world 

    Oh Oh Oh Oh 

    Oooh Oh Oh Oh Oh


    Don't cloud my vision 

    I'm telling you not today 

    Oh Oh Oh Oh Oooh Oh Oh Oh Oh


    'Cause I'm seeing straight 

    Made my decision 

    Made it through the shades of grey 

    Oh Oh Oh Oh Oooh 

    Made it my own way 

    Oh Oh Oh Oh


    I materialize the feeling To carry on, 

    to carry on I know some will say I'm dreaming 

    But I carry on, I carry on


    They say no way, oh, I say I'll rule the world 

    (Ain't afraid of the walls, I'm a break 'em down) 

    They stay the same, oh, I'm feelin' high as a bird 

    (Ain't afraid of the ground, I'm a stay up) 

    I say yeah yeah ye…

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  • REBƎLReloaded

    The Feminist Manifesto is the fourth episode of The Savages' first season and the fourth episode overall. It premiered on June 28, 2015.

    It will be written by REBƎLReloaded.

    Gina takes the lead as an advocate of feminism, teaming up with two unexpected allies, Sydney and Lily to create a feminist organization for the school environment. As the feminism riots create conflicts for the boys and girls. Trae and Zachary face accusations of being responsible for the video scandal. Alex becomes infuriated when Carl befriends Rufus, who loses his interest in the football team. Meanwhile, a showdown between The Red Hot Cheer Peppers fight for their extracurricular privileges, and becomes involved in a showdown with Felix and The Moneybags. 

    Song Title Or…

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  • BerryHudson1218
    The One Where Brittany's Mom Is Engaged is the twenty-fourth episode of Season Four in my fanfic series Glee: The New York Story. It's slated to premiere July 18, 2015.

    When Susan Pierce (Lisa Kudrow) tells Brittany the exciting news that she's engaged, Brittany decides to help her plan the perfect wedding. But Santana begins to feel like the third wheel when Brittany loses focus on another wedding she should be planning--the Brittana wedding; In an effort to fit in with the cool kids, Jessica steals Marley's credit card and makes a huge purchase which prompts Samantha to get Jessica to see the error of her ways; Samantha and Jessica must learn how to co-exist after Jessica's rebellious attitude gets out of control; Scott (David Clayton Roge…

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  • DantanaBR

    Popular Song

    June 27, 2015 by DantanaBR

    Popular Song by Mika feat. Ariana Grande be featured in Orphans from Seventh Season. It will be sung by New Directions.

    New Directions Girls:
    La la, la la

    You were the popular one, the popular chick
    It is what it is, now I'm popular 'ish

    Standing on the field with your pretty pompons
    Now you're working at the movie selling popular corn
    I could have been a mess but
    I never went wrong
    'Cause I'm putting down my story in a popular song

    Madison (with Mason):
    Said I'm putting down my story in a (popular song)

    Madison and Mason (with New Directions):
    (My problem), I never was a (model)
    I never was a (scholar)
    You were always (popular)
    You were (singing), all the songs (I don't know)
    Now you're in the (front row)
    'Cause my song is popular

    Roderick (an…

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  • DantanaBR


    June 26, 2015 by DantanaBR

    Orphans is the third episode of Glee's seventh season. It premiered on November 6th, 2015. This episode was written and directed by DantanaBR. 

    Sue is in New York, with that she goes to Spolight Diner and offers to help the band and in return, will have to do a charity event for the city orphanage. The road to Broadway, Rachel finds a lost child and she tries to talk to her but is French /Papaoutai/. In Ohio, Kitty finds out that Artie is with Tina. Myron improves and arrives at school. Madison avoids talking to Roderick. The Glee Club is being more popular than normal /Popular Song/. Pamela Lansbury makes an emergency meeting. Artie and Tina are afraid to help and Kurt warns that need dinhero for Sectionals and the band learns that was ent…

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  • EternalFlame

    Becca To Be: The Musical is the third episode of Orange Is The New Glee Wiki Season One and the second episode overall. It premiered on N/A. The episode is character-centric around Becca Manning and "Happy" Mendoza, revealing some of their back story. It was written by Nathan.

    Becca is pushed over and cuts her head, losing a large amount of blood which causes her to hallucinate, Where she has a dream sequence about a prison musical all about her. She begins to write her own story about herself. Meanwhile, Joe's life is on the edge and he's struggling to stay alive as a police guard and Zach watch over him, however, When the police guard looks for a nurse - Zach does the unthinkable. Back at the prison, Sydney and Vik are still fighting and S…

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  • Teresa Chávez


    From the studios that brought you Deception comes Pretty Little Gleeks, an original series by singer, actress, writer, producer, and entrepreneur Alison Jean. The series is expected to air 6/30 and features an ensemble cast of past and present wikians, including Ixii, LVChord, EternalFlame, Alyssafowble, and RiseAgainsT.

    A year after their best friend was murdered, sophomores Sydney, Joey, and Sis return to school with a fresh start, only to find their happiness shortlisted when a mysterious new girl starts classes at Wiksteria High.

    • Ixii as Alison Winters, the elusive former queen bee of Wiksteria High. Naturally treated with a silver spoon in her mouth, Ali was used to getting everything she wanted, causing a great divide between…

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  • Icekingfan

    Let's Groove

    June 24, 2015 by Icekingfan

    Let's Groove By Earth, Wind And Fire Is Featured in TBA, An episode of Icekingfan's Fan Fiction Series. It is sung by Spencer, Kurt, Puck, And Artie.

    New Directions Boys: We can boogie down, down, upon down The boogie down, down, upon down The boogie down, down, upon down The boogie down, down

    Let's groove tonight Share the spice of life Baby slice it right We're gonna groove tonight

    Kurt with the New Directions Boys: Let this groove, get you to move It's alright, alright, alright Let this groove, set in your shoes So stand up, alright, alright

    Spencer: Gonna tell ya what you can do With my love, alright Let you know girl, you're looking good You're outta sight, alright

    Puck: Just move yourself And glide like a 7-4-7 And lose yourself in the sky A…

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  • DantanaBR


    June 24, 2015 by DantanaBR

    Disturbia by Rihanna will be featured in Dark Side from Season 7. It will be sung by Pamela Lansbury. During the performance, Sue arrives and everyone who studied at McKinley, realize her presence and see, she appreciates what all are surprised.

    Kurt, Quinn and Tina with Pamela Lansbury (Rachel):
    Bum bum be-dum bum bum be-dum bum (What's wrong with me?)
    Bum bum be-dum bum bum be-dum bum (Why do I feel like this?)
    Bum bum be-dum bum bum be-dum bum (I'm going crazy now)
    Bum bum be-dum bum bum be-dum bum

    Santana (with Brittany and Eliott):
    No more gas in the red
    (Can't even get it started)
    Nothing heard, nothing said
    (Can't even speak about it)
    All my life on my head
    (Don't want to think about it)
    Feels like I'm going insane

    It's a thief in the …

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