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Brenda Castle
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 45
Occupations: Astronomy Teacher, Badminton Coach
Family & Friends
Employer: Sue Sylvester
Enemies: Sue Sylvester
Other Information
Series Information
First episode: Bad Reputation
Last episode: Dream On
Portrayer: Molly Shannon

Brenda Castle is the astronomy teacher and badminton coach at William McKinley High School. She is previously from another school in Fort Wayne, Indiana, but she was transferred because she had some "drug problems" that got involved with some of her "shudents" (her word for "students"). She constantly mocks Sue in the episode Bad Reputation.

She is portrayed by Molly Shannon.


Season One

Bad Reputation


Brenda Castle is a new teacher at McKinley High who immediately clashes with Sue. She, along with the rest of the teachers in the lounge, laugh at Sue for her rendition of Olivia Newton-John's Physical (leaving Sue humiliated more after the teachers have seen the clip). She even makes a point to laugh at her face. She tries to hit on Will, which makes him uncomfortable, after being called a "slut" by Emma.

Brenda, Emma & Sue

Brenda clashing with Sue

Later in the episode, she mentions that she's an alcoholic and likes pills.

Dream On

Brenda is shown in Bryan Ryan's show choir conversion club. She states that she hasn't sung a show tune in 42 days and discusses her past on Broadway. Brenda later states that she began huffing glue shortly after (similar to former student April, who says that after Broadway, she started huffing glue).


The name is Brenda. Brenda Castle. I just transferred from Fort Waaayne. I can't teach in Indiana anymore because I have some 'drug problems' that ended up involving some of my 'shudents'.

—Brenda Castle, Bad Reputation

I saw your video (laughs) and you, my friend, are an EMBARRASSMENT! And that's me talking! (laughs)

—Brenda Castle, Bad Reputation

Brenda: Well, look who it is! I thought I smelled a laughingstock.
Sue: Don't start with me, Castle! I will kick you square in the taco.
Brenda: It's a date. That's just a typical Saturday night in the Castle condo.

—Brenda and Sue, Bad Reputation

Brenda: Will Schuester?
Will: Yeah.
Brenda: I'm Brenda Castle. I'm the new astronomy teacher and badminton coach. I also happen to be an alcoholic and I like pills! I hear that's just your type. Let's go in this classroom and pork!

—Brenda and Will, Bad Reputation

Years ago, when I auditioned to play Miss Adelaide in Guys and Dolls, I was asked to take my top off. Evidently, that is not customary, aaand that's when I started huffing glue.

—Brenda Castle, Dream On


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