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Brittany-Quinn Relationship
General Information
Nickname: Fierce
Intimacy Level: Friends

The Brittany-Quinn Relationship, most commonly known as Fierce, Quittany or Quitt is the friendship between Brittany Pierce and Quinn Fabray.



Quinn and Brittany are seen in The Celibacy Club with Santana, the other Cheerios and Rachel. Later, Quinn, Brittany, and Santana perform I Say a Little Prayer to join the glee club, and Brittany strokes Quinn's arm at the end of the performance. Later, all three are seen in Sue's office and she asks them to spy on the glee club for her. (Showmance)

Quinn and Brittany are seen washing cars together at the car wash to raise money for hiring Dakota Stanley. Later, Dakota says to them along with Santana, that they're perfect and that they don't have to change a thing. (Acafellas)

Brittany gives Santana a shoulder massage in the choir room, when they learn that Quinn is pregnant. (The Rhodes Not Taken)

When the girls are preparing for their performance, Brittany jokes about Quinn being absent. With Santana, they report details on New Directions to Sue. They also dance to Halo/Walking on Sunshine. (Vitamin D)

Brittany takes Quinn's paper during a test, Quinn who was angry with Finn, snatches it back and does not let Brittany copy her answers, even when Brittany states that she did not understand anything, Quinn responds by saying "That's not my problem." They hold hands before Rachel and Finn perform No Air, they also share looks during this song. They're the only Cheerios practicing along with Santana. Later, Quinn sings You Keep Me Hangin' On with the help of Brittany and the other Cheerios. (Throwdown)

Quinn, Brittany and Finn are all sitting together in what appears to be math class. Kurt is staring and Finn and Quinn while they talk and goof off with Brittany in class. Brittany is fooling around with Quinn during Lean on Me. (Ballad)

Quittany 2

Quinn sits with Brittany and Santana when they deface a yearbook, while Quinn talks about wanting to be in the Cheerio squad's yearbook picture. (Mattress)

During My Life Would Suck Without You they dance together along with Santana, imitating moves from their first performance together, I Say a Little Prayer. (Sectionals)

Quinn puts Brittany as fourth on the Glist, which confuses Brittany, who desires to be placed higher. (Bad Reputation)

Quinn is seen with Brittany practicing vocals on the piano, looking rather bored. They are on Rachel's list of Glee Club members who "are not pulling their weight." (Laryngitis)

After Quinn finishes her performance (It's a Man's Man's Man's World), Brittany walks towards her with the others and whispers something in her ear. (Funk)

They're seen together during Jacob Ben Israel's interview. They dance together in Empire State of Mind. Brittany asks Quinn and Santana to stop when they were fighting. (Audition)

They both make comments about Finn's body in the Rocky Horror rehearsals, also the two dance together in Whatever Happened to Saturday Night? Brittany also sings back up for Quinn in her parts of Time Warp. (The Rocky Horror Glee Show)


When they sing Start Me Up/Livin' on a Prayer with the other New Directions girls, Quinn is partnered with Brittany. (Never Been Kissed)

With the Cheerios, they dance to California Gurls. They are also seen with Santana cheerleading during the football game. Quinn and Brittany, with the other Cheerios, later are seen outside with Sue who is unveiling the new cannon which she intends to shoot Brittany out of. Brittany worries that she will die, but Quinn assures her that she will tell Will and get him to stop it. Sue then tells them that they have to choose between Glee Club and Cheerios. At first, they quit Glee Club, but are convinced by Finn to return at the end of the episode. (The Sue Sylvester Shuffle)

They stand next to each other while their boyfriends perform Somebody to Love and also sit together in Glee Club. (Comeback)

At the end of the episode, they can be seen sitting together in the Choir Room, and when Sam's brother and sister come into Glee Club they sit on Brittany and Quinn's laps. They dance together in Don't Stop. (Rumours)

Brittany & Quinn 2

Brittany and Quinn sit next to each other, laughing and chatting on the steps at the start of the episode. They dance together and share looks and smiles during I Love New York/New York, New York. Brittany and Santana console Quinn when she is sad about Finn breaking up with her, Brittany strokes Quinn's hair and rubs her arm comfortingly. She accompanies Quinn to get a haircut. Quinn also shows that she knows about the sexual nature of Brittany and Santana's relationship and that she is fine with it. Later, when Will tells them he is not leaving for Broadway, they are seen sitting together. They dance together in Light up the World. (New York)

With Santana, Brittany try to persuade a new-look Quinn to rejoin Glee club (after she quit), and the Cheerios. Brittany states that they used to be "like the Three Musketeers," and that they all slept with Puck and joined the Cheerios the same year. Brittany and Santana admit to missing Quinn in their trio and openly express their wanting of her to be their friend again. Quinn, however, rejects their offer. (The Purple Piano Project)

Quinn dances to Brittany's performance of Run the World (Girls) along with the other female students. (Asian F)

They're seen together with Tina and Santana when Rachel asks them for sex advice and are against the idea of Rachel having sex with Finn. They are also the only girls in the Jets in the performance of West Side Story. (The First Time)

Quinn votes for Brittany during the school president elections (however, Quinn states she's voting for her only because she's the only girl). Both, Quinn and Brittany, stand up for Santana, when the captain of the rugby team torments her. Later, they dance together in I Kissed a Girl. (I Kissed a Girl)

During the performance of Never Can Say Goodbye, we can see that in her locker Quinn has a photograph of the New Directions Girls, including Brittany and also one of just Brittany, playing Columbia in Rocky Horror. Brittany hugs Quinn after the performance and appears to be really happy for her when she hears of Quinn's Yale acceptance. (Michael)

Quinn (along with The God Squad) serenades Brittany with Cherish/Cherish because Santana paid them to. (Heart)

Quinn and Britt

Brittany (with Santana) is the only person to stand up and hug Quinn after Quinn's duet with Artie, I'm Still Standing. (Big Brother)

During Santana's performance of If I Can't Have You, they're sitting next to each other. (Saturday Night Glee-ver)

Brittany performs I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me) with Santana and unsuccessfully tries to dance with Quinn. After the performance, Brittany says to Quinn that she is still dancing (and flying and breathing fire) in her dreams. In the girl's bathroom, Brittany, along with the other girls, comments on the chemistry between Quinn and Joe. (Dance with Somebody)

Brittany is in charge of the Prom as she is senior class president and she puts Quinn, along with Santana, in charge of counting the prom court votes. Quinn is nominated for Prom Queen and Brittany for Prom King, they both don't win the election (Actually, Quinn did win, but with the help of Santana, she changes the votes and makes Rachel the winner). (Prom-asaurus)

Before the New Directions go onto the stage to perform at Nationals, The Unholy Trinity, form a circle to cheer for themselves in private, saying that they began their school career together and that they will also end it together. "Starting together, ending together," Santana says. (Nationals)

They smile at each other when they are sitting on the piano during Will's performance of Forever Young. When Quinn goes to accept her graduation diploma, Brittany fans her with her fan and they hug. (Goodbye)

Unholytrinity thanksgiving

Quinn returns, along with Santana, Mercedes, Mike, and Puck. They make the Glee Club glad as they become mentors for the newbies of the group as New Directions prepare for Sectionals. Quinn, Santana and Brittany sing and dance to Come See About Me for the girls of the Glee Club to display how they can dance and sing together in sync. At the end of it, Brittany squeezes Quinn's arm and they giggle. Later, Brittany walks in on Quinn and Santana alone in the choir room, witnessing them slapping each other. Brittany asks, "What are you guys doing?" to which Quinn replies, "Nothing." (Thanksgiving)

Quinn and Brittany come back to Lima to say goodbye to the glee club.  They, along with Santana, perform Toxic. Later, Brittany and the rest of the New Directions help Puck sing Keep Holding On to Quinn. (100)

Brittany is supportive of Puck and Quinn's relationship. They both sing Don't Stop Believin', along with the other old New Directions. (New Directions)


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Sang Together (In a Group Number)
Season Two
Song Episode Solos with
Time Warp The Rocky Horror Glee Show Artie, Finn, Kurt, Mercedes, Santana (album), and Tina
Marry You Furt Artie, Finn, Mike, Rachel, Sam, and Tina
The Most Wonderful Day of the Year A Very Glee Christmas Artie, Sam, and Tina
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Related Songs

Sang Together (In a Group Number)
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  • They both have slept with Noah Puckerman and Santana Lopez. They both slept with Puck in the same year. 
  • They have both dated Sam Evans.
  • They form the Unholy Trinity, together with Santana.
  • Brittany and Quinn have both been head-Cheerio at some point.
  • They both were kicked out of the Cheerios. (Quinn in Mash-Up and Brittany in Britney 2.0)
  • Brittany has tried to break up a fight between Quinn and Santana twice, once in Audition and another time in Thanksgiving.
  • They both have a dance and a solo with the cheerios as back-up dancers.
  • At some point they were the only blonde girls in New Directions.
  • Both have been dumped by Finn for Rachel. (Funeral, Hell-O)



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