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Brittany-Rachel Relationship
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General Information
Nickname: Brachel
Intimacy Level: Friends

The Brittany-Rachel Relationship, most commonly known as BrittberryBrachel, Britchel, or Pieberry, is the relationship between Rachel Berry and Brittany Pierce


Rachel asks Brittany to be in the yearbook with her, but she refuses after saying she doesn't want to be in a picture that will get defaced. When Rachel tries to confirm that it won't, Brittany says it will because she'll be doing the defacing. (Mattress)

When Rachel comes into the choir room with her theatricality costume, Brittany says, "You look terrible, I look awesome." (Theatricality)

Brittany tells Rachel that she is more talented than her. (Britney/Brittany)

Rachel tries to make a comeback at McKinley High by setting a fashion trend. She gives Brittany her allowance money to use one of her trademark accessories, her legwarmers, but Brittany messes it up by wearing the warmers on her arms. When Rachel sees her wearing them like that, she gets angry at her and tells her to wear them on her legs. After that, Rachel sees that the 'armwarmers' have become a new trend at McKinley, but that Brittany is getting the credit for it. Rachel, determined to succeed, decides that Brittany should go all out "sexy schoolgirl librarian chic." Once again, it becomes a trend and Brittany gets the credit and an interview with Teen Vogue. Rachel is left furious. (Comeback)


Brittany throws up on Rachel, Santana pukes into her hands soon after.

By GleekPro2k12 June 30, 2012

During the Tik Tok performance, Brittany tells Rachel that she is feeling sick. Rachel responds by encouraging her to "power through it." Unfortunately, Brittany throws up on Rachel at the end.  (Blame It on the Alcohol)

Brittany claims that Rachel's song My Headband is her favorite song ever. (Original Song)

After Santana shows her a voodoo doll that she made to resemble Rachel, Brittany convinces Santana not to be mad at her about losing Nationals because she feels that this year wasn't about winning. (New York)

Brittany campaigns against Rachel for senior class president, and tries to gain votes by stating that Rachel is still on MySpace. (I Kissed a Girl)

In this episode, Brittany first mistakes another girl for Rachel. Rachel, later, plans an anti-prom party which Brittany does not attend as she attends the prom she had planned herself because she is class president. In the end, Rachel and the others who were at anti-prom decides to go to the school's prom, Brittany was happy to see her and everyone else. (Prom Queen)

Call me maybe 3

Brittany competing with Tina, Blaine and Unique to be "The New Rachel."

By Frootloop3008 December 23, 2012

As Rachel and the other 7 seniors have graduated, the competition for the new star power, also known as "The New Rachel" is fierce. When Jacob interviews Brittany, Tina, Artie and Blaine as to who the new Rachel is, the four say "I am." Rachel watches the interview online saying she's happy that she's missed back there. Finally Brittany, Tina, Unique  and Blaine compete for the role but, in the end, Brittany does not become the new Rachel, as she only achieved second place. (The New Rachel)

In the beginning of the episode, Sue brings Brittany to her office about her academic excellence while being on the Cheerios. On the other side of her test, she had drawn a picture of "the land where math doesn't exist." Brittany points out her picture of her, Santana, Sue, and Sue's baby, along with Rachel and Kurt in heaven. She also mentions in a voiceover that she's the new 'vice Rachel', referring to being placed second in the competitive run to be the "new Rachel" of the Glee Club in the previous episode. (Britney 2.0)

Brittany mentions to Santana that Rachel has found a new love in New York, suggesting that Brittany pays attention to what Rachel has been doing. (Diva)

When Santana comes back to lima to know what's going on with Brittany and is invited by her to Fondue For Two, Brittany asks her to confirm a rumour about Kurt and Rachel "playing bingo down at the V.A. and knitting alpaca mittens on Saturday nights." (All or Nothing)

Rachel cheers in the audiece for Brittany and Mercedes when they perform Shakin' My Head. Brittnay is the only one who supported the script for Rachel's t.v how. Rachel and Brittany share a side hug when they perform Pompeii. (The Untitled Rachel Berry Project)


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