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Brittany-Rory Relationship

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Brittany-Rory Relationship
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General Information
Nickname: Brory
Intimacy Level: Friends
Former one-sided crush (Rory)

The Brittany-Rory Relationship, most commonly known as Brory or Flapierce, is the short-term friendship and one-sided crush between Brittany Pierce and Rory Flanagan.


Season Three

Pot o' Gold

Having recently arrived in Ohio from Ireland as a transfer student, Rory resides with Brittany's family. It soon becomes clear that Rory has romantic feelings for Brittany, when he tries to ask her out to dinner,
although she rejects due to having already arranged plans with Santana. Set in her beliefs, Brittany claims that Rory is a leprechaun, and as such requests that he grants her three wishes in exchange for access to her "pot of gold," a phrase used as a euphemism throughout the episode. Rory reveals to Finn that he is only in agreement with Brittany's classification of himself because of his desire for her "pot of gold," and he goes on to explain that he is still a virgin. After Santana is able to convince Brittany into leaving the New Directions and defecting to The Troubletones with her, Finn is infuriated, which causes him to frustratingly call Brittany an "idiot" and tell her that leprechauns do not exist. This realization upsets Brittany, and ultimately leads her to reject Rory's advances. Rory is upset when Brittany rejects him.

Hold on to Sixteen

After being convinced by Quinn to rejoin the New Directions, Brittany, Santana and Mercedes, along with Sugar, joins in their performance of We Are Young in the auditorium. Quinn waltzed Mercedes onto the stage, Sugar jumps onto Artie's lap, Rachel takes Santana by the hand and Brittany jumps into Rory's open arms. In the next shot when they have their arms around each other and holding hands, Rory can be seen whispering something into Brittany's ear and she responds by laughing.


Brittany looks sad when she hears that Rory is not going to stay at McKinley the next year when he sings Home. It seems Rory doesn't like Brittany anymore either, as he has his eyes on Sugar.

Big Brother

Brittany takes a picture of Rory and Cooper Anderson. She still has the lens cover on the camera when she takes the pictures, however. After the picture is taken they run off together, laughing.


During Santana and Quinn's performance of Take My Breath Away, Rory dances with Brittany at the front of the crowd. This is most likely because both of their dates were absent from the dance, Santana was performing onstage and Sugar was absent from the episode.


Brittany and Rory as Samcedes.


During Tina's Dream, Rory takes the appearance of Sam and Brittany as Mercedes, which means they play a couple during the dream, they both sit together in the Choir Room and also in the Auditorium.


They are dance partners in the Paradise by the Dashboard Light performance. You can see Brittany and Rory holding hands during We Are the Champions.


The school year has ended, and during the summer, Rory leaves Brittany's house and he returns to Ireland.


  • When Damian was asked what character he would like to be paired up with, he chose Brittany.



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