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Buddy Leibowitz was an elderly citizen of Lima, Ohio and the owner of Leibowitz Strip Malls. He was also the owner of the local roller rink, Rinky Dinks, which was noted to be floundering in terms of business.

April Rhodes was his mistress for some time before his death.


Season One



The The April Rhodes Civic Pavilion, purchased for the New Directions with Buddy's money.

Though never seen in person, Buddy is mentioned by April and Will in this episode. This is the first time they meet after April's departure in The Rhodes Not Taken, the fifth episode of Season One. April's sobriety streak quickly derailed, and she became a frequent customer at a local bar, where, one night, Buddy offered to buy her a drink. The exchange ultimately resulted in April becoming his mistress, landing her a steady job as a singer at Rinky Dinks during evening hours. Rinky Dinks was rented out as a performance space to the New Directions under his approval.

After a suggestion from Will, April ends her affair with Buddy. However, while doing so, Buddy suffers a stroke and dies in front of April and his wife.

In order to prevent April from going to the "Lima Times" with her story of the affair, Buddy's wife paid April $2 million in return for her silence. A portion of this money is used to purchase McKinley High School's auditorium, which she aptly renamed The April Rhodes Civic Pavilion.