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Released: Unreleased
By: Cast of Cabaret
Sung by: Rachel Berry
Place: Rehearsing Room for the musical
Episode: The Rhodes Not Taken

Cabaret from Cabaret is featured in The Rhodes Not Taken, the fifth episode of Season One. It is sung by Rachel.

She sings this while rehearsing for the school musical. Sandy, the director of the school musical, isn't happy with her performance. He constantly heckles her during it, telling her that someone more mature should be performing. Rachel states that Sandy yells at her in order to get herl to drop out of the play, leaving himself to perform. 


What good is sitting, alone in your room?
Come hear the music play!
Life is a Cabaret old chum,
Come to the Cabaret!



Glee - Cabaret (HQ SHOW VERSION)(00:25)
Cabaret, Liza Minnelli(03:40)
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