General Information
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Occupations: Student, Glee Club member
Family & Friends
Friends: Harmony
Other Information
Interests: Show Choir
Education: Unknown High School
Strengths: Singing, Dancing
Series Information
First episode: The Purple Piano Project
Last episode: The Purple Piano Project
Portrayer: Tim Wilson

Canada is a high school student and a NYADA hopeful. He is seen at the NYADA mixer. He makes his one-episode debut in the episode, The Purple Piano Project.

He is portrayed by Tim Wilson.


Season Three

The Purple Piano Project

Canada is seen in a hotel conference room in Dayton with several other students who are hoping to enroll at NYADA. Kurt and Rachel meet these students and watch them perform. He greets and introduces himself to Kurt and Rachel alongside Harmony, Gavroche, and Pendleton as they enter. This is the only episode Canada is seen in on Glee.


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