Debut: Diva
Type: Cheerleading Squad
Institution: University of Louisville
Status: Active

The Cardinals are the cheerleading squad for the University of Louisville. They are first mentioned in Saturday Night Glee-ver when Sue announces to Santana that Brittany has scored her a cheerleading scholarship to the University of Louisville in Kentucky. In Britney 2.0 and The Break-Up, Santana is shown wearing her Cardinals uniform. They next appear in Diva with Santana as she performs Nutbush City Limits with the Cardinals. The only named members, to this day, are Santana (now a former member) and Elaine. Santana left the Cardinals when she decided to move to New York and live with Rachel and Kurt.


Season Four

Britney 2.0

In this episode, Santana is seen wearing her Cardinals uniform while she is skyping Brittany.

The Break-Up

In this episode, Santana is shown wearing the Cardinals uniform in the library at her school while she is studying for a midterm.


In this episode, the Cardinals appear and perform back-up for Santana's Nutbush City Limits. Although Santana was dancing in her uniform with the Cardinals, in the episode, it is later revealed that Santana dropped out of the University of Louisville.


Former members


  • The real life Cheerdancers of University of Louisville had a reaction in this performance. The video can be seen below



Congratulations Santana - University of Louisville Cheerleaders00:28

Congratulations Santana - University of Louisville Cheerleaders

GLEE - Nutbush City Limits (Full Performance)01:54

GLEE - Nutbush City Limits (Full Performance)

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