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Cassandra July

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Cassandra July
General Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Hazel
Occupations: NYADA's Dance Instructor
Aliases: Cassie (Brody)
A Monster (Rachel)
Crazy July, The Biggest Trainwreck in Broadway History (mentioned by Kurt)
Family & Friends
Enemies: Rachel Berry
Other Information
Series Information
First episode: The New Rachel
Portrayer: Kate Hudson

Cassandra July is the dance instructor for the New York Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City. She acts as a mentor for Rachel in NYADA. Unlike Will, Cassandra's approach to teaching is based on negativity.
Cassandra July is portrayed by Academy Award nominated actress Kate Hudson.


Season 4

The New Rachel

KateGLEE Ep401-Sc20 325 352

Cassandra welcomes her new students to her class: dance 101, and says that maybe two of them are going to make it into the business but the rest is just paying the rent of her loft in SoHo. She then changes the name of one of her students to muffin top, rice cakes and ipecac and adds that she should cut one of her buttocks. She then asks [[Rachel] ]if her conversation with Lydia aka "Muffin Top" had bothered her and calls her David Schwimmer and tells her that she bet she was a big star in Iowa. When Rachel replies that she's actually from Ohio, Cassandra then adds that Ohio is even worse and asks if she came to New York to show her how to run her own class. Rachel tells her that she just came to learn. Cassandra then shows her the lesson number one which is that Rachel is pathetic and her attitude is pissing her off she turns the music on, Rachel falls and claims that she don't need any help Cassandra, rudely, says she's not going to help her she just wanted to give her a big welcome to New York and adds that she sucks.

Later Cassandra is preparing what it seems to be a fruit milkshake when a student comes to thank her because her recomendation letter let the student to be on a broadway play Cassandra hugs him and tells him that he won't forget his first play. The student then departs, and she adds rum to her milkshake.

Back in the class her first words are that Rachel is getting worse and starts to bother Rachel. She asks her why she's picking on her which Cassandra replies she's just motivating her, Rachel says that there's alcohol on her breath and Cassandra corrects her telling it's listerine and adds that she might not be a wide eyed on genuine anymore, but she can outdance any of them. Music starts to play and she sings and dances Americano/Dance Again.

On another session she tells her students that they're not improving and they've been a week there she tells Rachel to show her piqué and says it's better, Rachel says she's going to keep getting better which Cassandra replies that she has guts and she likes that spirit on her students because it will be funnier when she's making a hell of her life.



Season 4:



  • Is implied to be an alcoholic, as she is seen adding alcohol to a shake she makes in The New Rachel. Rachel herself later notices that her breath smells of alcohol, which Cassandra covers up by saying it was Listerine.
  • Often calls Rachel "Schwimmer".

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