Chandler Kiehl
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Blue
Occupations: Student
Aliases: Mr. Between-The-Sheets (Rachel)
Family & Friends
Family: Unknown
Relationships: Kurt Hummel (crush, exchanged flirty texts)
Friends: Kurt Hummel
Enemies: Blaine Anderson
Other Information
Interests: Music, Singing, Fashion
Education: New York University
Strengths: Singing
Series Information
First episode: Dance with Somebody
Last episode: Dance with Somebody
Portrayer: Justin Castor

Chandler Kiehl is a character who meets Kurt Hummel at the sheet music store "Between the Sheets" in Dance with Somebody, the seventeenth episode of Season Three. He flirts with Kurt and they had a brief period of messaging each other flirty texts. He told Kurt that he has an audition for NYU in the fall and is planning to go to New York City to live.

He is portrayed by Justin Castor.


Season Three

Dance with Somebody

Chandler greets Kurt and compliments his taste in both fashion and music.

Kurt and Chandler

He talks about his audition for NYU and also Kurt's NYADA call-back, and Kurt gives him his phone number. Kurt doesn't realise that Chandler likes him as more than just as a friend.

During the episode, Chandler exchanges dozens of flirty messages with Kurt. Blaine reads through his texts, and is heartbroken when he finds them. He confronts Kurt and they argue. Kurt states that he did not consider this cheating, but only harmless fun, but Blaine remains hurt and angry. Blaine and Kurt go to couples counseling and resolve their issues. This ends with Kurt telling Chandler to stop texting him. 


Chandler is only mentioned once more, in the fantasy sequence when Puck and Finn trade places with Blaine and Kurt. Puck as Blaine mentions his jealousy over Chandler and Kurt having texted, and Finn as Kurt reassures him that it meant nothing.


  • He selected Rainbow High from Evita for his NYU audition, but the sheet music was not available at "Between the Sheets," so it is unknown if he used that number to audition.
  • He shouts when he gets overwhelmed and very excited.


Are you an astronaut? Because your smile is out of this world.

—Chandler Kiehl, text to Kurt

I am pretty sure you were Cleopatra in another life. You've got a great asp.

—Chandler Kiehl, text to Kurt

When we go to New York let's go to the front of the Plaza and re-enact the end of 'The Way We Were.'

—Chandler Kiehl, text to Kurt

Can you sing into my voicemail? I want to make your voice my ringtone.

—Chandler Kiehl, text to Kurt


  • Chandler and Kurt in Between the Sheets

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