Debut: Pilot
Type: Cheerleading Squad
Head: Roz Washington
Sue Sylvester (Former)
Institution: William McKinley High School
Awards: Sectionals:
1st Place - 2003-2012

1st Place - 2004-2010, 2012
3rd Place - 2011

1st Place - 2004-2010, 2012-2013

3rd Place - 2009

Status: Inactive

The Cheerios are the cheerleading squad of McKinley High. Formerly coached by Sue Sylvester, the Cheerios are now coached by Roz Washington due to Sue being sacked because of the controversy of the shooting in Shooting Star.

The seven captains they have had along the series are Quinn Fabray (Season 1), Santana Lopez to Quinn (season 2) Santana and Becky Jackson (Season 3), Brittany Pierce to Kitty Wilde to Becky and Blaine Anderson (Season 4), and Bree (Season 5). They have won multiple competitions and awards, including six consecutive Regional and National Championships, and placed third at the International Championship in North Korea. They lost in 2011, at the Regional Competition because Quinn, Santana, and Brittany quit just before the departure. Its members are considered the most popular and pretty girls of the school. From Big Brother to Nationals they were co-coached by Roz Washington. However, Sue became supreme again when the New Directions won Nationals. In Shooting Star, Sue was fired due to having her gun go off in school (she was actually taking the blame for Becky). In Sweet Dreams, it is shown that Roz was hired as the new Cheerios coach.


Pre-Season One

In 1986, Sue joins the McKinley faculty as the new cheerleading coach. After being accused of looking 'too feminine', she cuts her hair and adopts wearing tracksuits to look more intimidating.

In 1990, Terri Del Monico, joins William McKinley High School, and is made head cheerio in around 1993 before graduating the following year.

In 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009, The Cheerios win Nationals, and in the Uncut version of Pilot, it is mentioned that they had came 3rd Place in the International Cheerleading Competition at Pyongyang, North Korea in 2009.

Through her entire freshman year (2008-2009), Quinn is the head cheerleader. It's known that they won all their cheerleading competitions. In the yearbook from the freshman year (seen in season 1) there are pictures of Quinn, Santana, Brittany, and Sue.

Pyramide 2

Cheerios (Freshman year) Quinn on the top.


Setlists of Competitions



Songs Performed/Included


  • After not being eligible to compete in nationals for the Cheerios, Sue claims to have nothing to live for, so Emma suggests that the Cheerios cheer for the teams at their school, which Sue sarcastically responds, "Yeah, like that's gonna happen." However in several episodes such as Preggers and The Sue Sylvester Bowl Shuffle, the Cheerios are seen cheering for the football team.
  • Cheerios members wear their uniform all day long. Some exceptions include Cheerio glee club members performing for some numbers taken place during school hours in the auditorium, in the gymnasium, or in other locations.
  • The Cheerios aren't very strong in academics. (Throwdown, Britney 2.0)
  • Sue said that nobody quits the Cheerios, they die or she kicks them off. However, Mercedes, Kurt, Quinn, Brittany, Santana, Blaine, and Tina have all quit at some point.
  • Santana was Sue's favorite, until she graduated (or that is what the says). (Diva)
  • Although in the Pilot, you can see many male Cheerios performing alongside the girls, there has not been mention of another male on the team apart from Kurt, Blaine and Mason throughout the series.
  • Becky is the only cheerleader who does not wear the pleated skirt.
  • Their skirts constantly change throughout Season One, from being straight to being pleated for unknown reasons.
  • Sometimes, the girls wear their uniform with jogging pants.
  • Back in Season One, Mercedes was the only female Cheerios member to not have worn the pleated skirt in the time she was a member.


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