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Cody Tolentino
Cody Tolentino
General Information
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Address: New York
Occupations: Stripper
Aliases: Sexy Claus (himself)
Family & Friends
Relationships: Kurt Hummel (kissed)
Other Information
Talent: Stealing
Series Information
First episode: Previously Unaired Christmas
Last episode: Previously Unaired Christmas
Portrayer: Bryce Johnson

Cody Tolentino is a minor character who is introduced in Previously Unaired Christmas. He is a con-artist and a stripper, who manipulates Kurt, Rachel, and Santana into getting intoxicated before robbing Kurt and Rachel's apartment.

Cody is portrayed by Bryce Johnson.


Season Five

Previously Unaired Christmas

At the New York City mall, KurtRachel, and Santana fret over their jobs as holiday workers, thinking that it may be over for them. Cody makes an appearance, introducing himself as "Sexy Santa" and offering to give help to them. When Santana notices Kurt sees a sudden attraction in Cody, she immediately declines his offer. However, when Cody scares the three, saying that people would "trample" them and suggesting that they leave out the back door, they hesitantly accept his offer for help. Cody deputizes the three as his "elves" and wants to get to know them. He is later invited to the Bushwick Apartment for dinner, and he arrives shirtless with suspenders, and he is very intrigued with their apartment. 

He brings a large Santa bag, where he reveals to them that he does a lot of parties from kid parties to bachelor parties. After he gets to know more about them, he, Santana, Kurt, and Rachel perform The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late) where he pulls out helium and balloons to make their voices sound like chipmunks. After the performance, Cody looks around at the apartment, seemingly proud of himself and the others.

Later, Cody and Kurt are unintentionally caught making out with each other by Santana and Rachel after hearing clattering from afar. Cody exposes that he "swings both ways" meaning that he is both attracted to guys and girls. After that, he requests the ladies to join in for a toast for being naughty on Christmas. The next morning, everyone is hung over from the night before, and when Santana and Rachel discover that Kurt is tied up, they were role-playing, Cody wanted Kurt to be Rudolph and he denied it, he took off his suspenders, tied Kurt up and robbed the Bushwick Apartment. 

In continuation of the incident, Rachel returns revealing that Cody has also pilfered from the Santa Land at the mall, and stole all of the Salvation Army bucket, deeming Cody a very dangerous person as the police tell the three that they are lucky they haven't been physically hurt.


Kurt Hummel

Since the moment Kurt met Cody, it seemed obvious that he was attracted to him, while Cody entered the Bushwick, Kurt and Cody shared very flirtatious moments with each other. Afterwards, they both made out with each other, and after role-playing, Kurt refused to be Rudolph, resulting in Cody tying him up and robbing the apartment. Kurt admits that their kissing was "sexy-kissing" since it was like Kurt did not have any teeth. 


  • He is the first bisexual male to appear on Glee.


Solos (In a Group Number)

Season Five



Solos with

The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late) Previously Unaired Christmas Kurt, Rachel, and Santana


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