Eleanor Doosenbury is the geography teacher at William McKinley High School. Noah Puckerman was one of her students. She made her first appearance in Choke and it is stated that she is recently divorced and lonely.

She is portrayed by Kathleen M. Darcy.


Season Three


She first appears in Choke, teaching European Geography class with Puck. After the lesson, Puck tries to seduce her in order to pass his final exam, telling her that he has liked her "since ninth grade." However, she rejects his advances, telling him to study instead. During the European Geography final exam, she is supervising and sees Puck watching somebody outside. She reminds him to keep his eyes on his paper. Finally, she returns the marked paper to the students, revealing that Puck has failed his exam.


Coach Beiste tells Puck in the auditorium that she has talked Ms. Doosenbury into giving him another chance to pass his final exam, impressed by Puck's willingness to dress like a woman just to help his teammates.


She reappears when Puck retakes his exam. All seniors wait outside Puck's classroom waiting for his test to be graded. She walks out of the classroom and Puck snatches the test out of her hand to discover he got a C-, ("a Puckerman A+"). To her surprise, Kurt hugs her after Puck reveals his grade.