General Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Occupations: Film student
Family & Friends
Other Information
Education: New York Academy of the Dramatic Arts
Series Information
First episode: Naked
Last episode: Naked
Portrayer: Leah Pipes
Electra was a senior at NYADA.

Electra is portrayed by Leah Pipes.


Season Four


Electra offers Rachel a role in her student film project, which is about her grandmother's experience with Alzheimer's. It will require Rachel to be topless for a scene. Rachel is initially hesitant, but agrees to do it with full support from Brody. Electra makes sure that she is absolutely sure, and Rachel nervously says she is. After her "lady-vention" with Santana and Quinn, Rachel thinks about how it will effect her down the road. This leads to Rachel backing out of the student film, angering Electra. Electra then decides to play the role of her grandmother herself. 


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