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First Cheerio Seen
General Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Occupations: Student, Cheerio
Family & Friends
Friends: Quinn Fabray
Brittany Pierce
Santana Lopez
Other Information
Interests: Dancing, Cheerleading
Clique: Cheerios
Education: William McKinley High School, College
Talent: Dancing, Cheerleading
Strengths: Cheerleading


Series Information
First episode: Pilot
Last episode: Throwdown
Portrayer: Unknown

First Cheerio Seen is a member of the Cheerios. She appeared in Pilot and Throwdown, the first and the seventh episode of Season One, respectively.

She is the very first character that viewers see on Glee. She is a member of the Cheerios, and dances to the routine of You Can Do It/You Keep Me Hanging On at the very beginning of Pilot. She was also seen in the performance of You Keep Me Hangin' On.


From what we see of her, she appears to be a very skilled dancer. She has brown eyes and black hair, and appears smiling in the very first scene of the Pilot episode, perhaps indicating that she is a happy, cheerful and a well-adjusted character.



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