General Information
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Occupations: Student, Glee Club member
Family & Friends
Relationships: Robert Pattinson (crush)
Friends: Harmony
Other Information
Interests: Show Choir
Education: Unknown High School
Strengths: Singing, Dancing
Series Information
First episode: The Purple Piano Project
Last episode: The Purple Piano Project
Portrayer: Caden Michael Gray

Gavroche is a high school student and member of a group of NYADA hopefuls. He first appears in The Purple Piano Project and tells Kurt and Rachel that he was named after a character in Les Misérables.


Season Three

The Purple Piano Project

Gavroche is seen in a hotel conference room in Dayton (attending the NYADA mixer) with several other students, including Harmony, who are hoping to enroll at NYADA. Gavroche welcomes Kurt and Rachel, coming over to introduce himself. Gavroche implies that he is gay by mentioning that he has a celebrity crush on Robert Pattinson, calling him his "future husband," and even grabs Kurt by the hand implying that he can tell Kurt is gay too. Kurt and Rachel watch Gavroche perform Anything Goes/Anything You Can Do, alongside the other students. This is the only episode he is featured in.


I'm Gavroche, named after ze feisty French street urchin from Les Mis.

—Gavroche, The Purple Piano Project

I'm starring as Rizzo in an all-male version of Grease.

—Gavroche, The Purple Piano Project

As my future husband Robert Pattinson always says, "It's refreshing to get new blood."

—Gavroche, The Purple Piano Project

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