Glee: Summer Break is the third original Glee novel written by Sophia Lowell. Before this one came the novels: Glee: The Beginning and Glee: Foreign Exchange.

The events of this book take place after New York, the twenty-second and final episode of Season TwoMr. Schuester doesn't want the Glee Club to lose its momentum over summer break, so he's talked RachelFinn and the rest of glee club into running a singing workshop for local kids.


Rachel plans her summer break (featuring dance classes with Finn) without telling him. She then goes to school to find that Finn publicly refuses her offer, embarrassed as the glee boys laugh. Rachel gets angry. She gets even more upset when she finds out she cannot do her summer plans as Mr. Schuester wants the whole glee club to run a summer glee club for children. Rachel refuses and storms out.

She has dinner with Finn later that night, but leaves after having an argument with him over the summer camp.

She goes home, and bumps her head, knocking herself out.

She then has a fantasy in which she is famous which takes up most of the book. It is set in senior year. In the fantasy, Rachel finds out she dropped out of high school to go to New York. She then finds out that she is in a broadway show and Kurt is her wardrobe designer.

She returns to McKinley to perform for her old school, only to find that Artie is trying to win Tina back. She also discovers that Finn and Quinn are back together, and are engaged. She even sees Mercedes again, who is now the head cheerleader and a bully who currently hates Kurt.

Much to her surprise, Rachel also finds out that Will is now a janitor with no home, Santana is also famous (And nasty) and that Brittany is running glee club badly, and has renamed it "The New New Directions."

In the book, she is tricked by Puck, who makes out with her and takes photos for the paparazzi, which angers Rachel.

She performs at the rally with 2000 people watching, shortly after she wakes up from the dream.

She then decides she will attend the summer camp.


[1][2][3][4][5] There's also an advertise for this novel in Glee: The Official Annual 2011. [6]


  • Airplanes/Leaving on a Jetplane, sung by Mercedes Jones and Santana Lopez.
  • The American anthem as sung by Mercedes Jones.
  • The chorus of B.o.B ft Hayley Williams' Airplanes, as sung by Mercedes Jones.
  • The chorus of B.o.B ft Hayley Williams' Airplanes, as sung by Santana Lopez.
  • Dynamite by Taio Cruz, as sung by Mercedes Jones.
  • In My Life by The Beatles, as sung by Rachel Berry.
  • Baby, I'm a Star Fish by Prince, as sung by the New New Directions.
  • Bad Gnome-mance by Lady GaGa, as sung by the New New Directions.


  • In this book, In My Life was sang by Rachel. The song is later sung in the Season 3 episode Goodbye by the non-graduating New Directions members.
  • Curiously, Tina would have a similar dream sequence, with everybody changing personalities in Props.
  • Postcards are included inside of this book.
  • Several relationships beween characters are referenced in this novel, including: