Glee: The Beginning is a prequel novel to the show, which was released on September 1, 2010. It spans over the timeframe of two weeks, and features the events before, during and after the homecoming dance. Although lyrics aren't displayed in the book, songs such as Tonight, Ruby Tuesday and Bleeding Love are featured. The book is written by Sophia Lowell and published by the Hachette Publishing Group.


Rachel takes on the role of reading the morning announcements in a bid to impress the school and Finn finds himself amazed by her singing voice. Puck and Quinn have a secret fling, while Artie, Kurt, Mercedes and Tina prepare for a performance at the 'Fall Music Recital' - Brittany and Santana aren't impressed by their song and dance.

Songs Featured

Other songs (such as I'll Be There For You and OMG) are mentioned, but not sung.


The book was released on September 1, 2010 and (exclusively to the USA) included a Glee Poster. The book has 218 Pages and 24 Chapters. It is currently available in America, Oceania, Europe and Asia.

Critical Response

The book received rather good reviews, despite the fact that critics pointed out that the book had minor continuity issues with the show.

"This prequel is so well-written it actually feels like you're reading an episode of the show!" - Heat Magazine

"I'm quite surprised by how much I enjoyed this book" - Wondrous Reads

"The book really captures the spirit of Glee" - Books4Teens

"Glee fans listen up; if you don't get this you will seriously regret it!" - Empire of Books

Characters Featured


  • The book is classified as 'Young Adult' fiction.
  • This book is followed by 'Foreign Exchange' and 'Summer Break'.
  • A poster is included in the book.
  • We found out that Tina has a sister.