This article is about the EP. You may be looking for the episode of the same name.
The Hurt Locker, Part 2
Glee Cast
Released January 26, 2015
Recorded 2014
Length 18:32
Label 20th Century Fox, Columbia Records, Sony Music
Glee: The Music, The Hurt Locker, Part 2 is a Glee digital extended play. It features all the songs from the Season Six episode The Hurt Locker, Part Two.


The Hurt Locker, Part 2
# TitleOriginal Artist(s) Length
1. "My Sharona" (Performed by Myko Olivier)The Knack 2:37
2. "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)" (Performed by Myko Olivier)Dead or Alive 3:18
3. "It Must Have Been Love" (Performed by Becca Tobin and Marshall Williams)Roxette 4:24
4. "Father Figure" (Performed by Noah Guthrie)George Michael 4:11
5. "All Out of Love" (Performed by Laura Dreyfuss, Billy Lewis Jr., and Samantha Marie Ware)Air Supply 4:02


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