The Category Guide consists of the guidelines for adding and removing categories. The following text are rules and must be obeyed. Make sure you are using only the categories under the 'Acceptable' and that you are adding them to the correct pages. If you have any questions or would like to nominate a new category, make sure you ask one of the admins.

Also make sure to check out the Style Guide.

General Guidelines

  • The only users permitted to add categories to blogs are admins, other users shall not add any categories to their blog posts.
  • No categories are permitted to be added to user pages.
  • You must contact an administrator to obtain permission before creating a new category.

Character Pages


  • Characters
  • Main Characters
  • Minor Characters
  • William McKinley High School Alumni
  • William McKinley High School Students
  • Former William McKinley High School Students
  • William McKinley High School Teachers
  • Former William McKinley High School Teachers
  • Dalton Academy Students
  • Jane Addams Academy Students
  • Carmel High School Students
  • New Directions Members
  • Former New Directions Members
  • Dalton Academy Warbler Members
  • Vocal Adrenaline Members
  • Cheerios
  • Former Cheerios
  • William McKinley High School Football Team Members
  • Former William McKinley High School Football Team Members
  • LGBT Characters
  • Glee Club Directors
  • Former Glee Club Directors
  • Judges
  • Deceased Characters
  • Skanks


  • Male/Female Characters
  • Kurt Hummel etc. (Character Names)
  • Jane Lynch etc. (Actor Names)
  • On My Way etc. (Episode Names)

Cast/Crew Pages


  • Guest Stars
  • Actors
  • LGBT Actors
  • Directors
  • Writers
  • The Glee Project Contestants


  • Sam Evans etc. (Character Names)
  • Dianna Agron etc. (Actor Names)
  • On My Way etc. (Episode Names)

Episode Pages


  • Episodes
  • Season One Episodes
  • Season Two Episodes
  • Season Three Episodes
  • Season Four Episodes
  • Upcoming Episodes
  • Tribute Episodes


  • Season One/Season Two/Season Three
  • Rachel Berry etc. (Character Names)
  • Cough Syrup etc. (Song Titles)

Song Pages


  • Glee Songs
  • Season One Songs/Season Two Songs/Season Three Songs
  • Glee: The Music, Volume 6 etc. (Album Titles)
  • Songs sung by Mercedes Jones etc. (Songs sung by [Character Name])
  • Songs sung at Sectionals/Regionals/Nationals
  • Songs sung by Vocal Adrenaline (Songs sung by [Glee Club/Group])
  • Original Songs
  • Unreleased Songs
  • Mash-Up Songs


  • Songs
  • Finn Hudson etc. (Character Names)
  • Mark Salling etc. (Actor Names)
  • Songs sung by Finn and Rachel etc. (Songs sung by [Character Names])
  • Season One/Season Two/Season Three
  • Emotional Songs/Sad Songs/Happy Songs etc. (Song Emotions)
  • Solos
  • Duets
  • Songs sung in backup by Tina etc. (Songs sung in backup by [Character Name])

Team Pages


  • Teams


  • Relationships
  • Brittana etc. (Ship Names)
  • Sam Evans etc. (Character Names)

Relationship Pages


  • Relationships
  • Friendships
  • Family
  • Couples


  • Mercedes Jones etc. (Character Names)
  • Will and Emma relationship etc. ([Character and Character] relationship)



  • Albums
  • DVDs
  • Original Novels


  • Glee Songs
  • Season One Songs/Season Two Songs/Season Three Songs
  • Glee: The Music, Volume 6 etc. (Album Titles)

Restricted Categories

These categories are only for use by admins and use of these by others is prohibited

  • Admin Blogs
  • Admin Maintained
  • Glee News
  • Glee Wiki

Other Acceptable Categories

  • Miscellaneous
  • Clubs
  • Competitions
  • Concerts
  • Events
  • Glee Clubs
  • Glee Games
  • Merchandise
  • Schools
  • Location
  • William McKinley High School
  • Glee Wiki Awards Winner
  • Disambiguations
  • Stubs
  • Quotes
  • Pages needing attention
  • Candidates for speedy deletion

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