Hiram Berry
General Information
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Grey
Eye Color: Brown
Address: 241 Birch Hill Road Lima, Ohio
Family & Friends
Family: Rachel Berry (daughter)
Leon (nephew)
Relationships: LeRoy Berry (husband; currently divorcing)
Friends: Burt Hummel
Carole Hudson-Hummel
Other Information
Interests: Friends
Series Information
First episode: Heart
Last episode: On My Way
Portrayer: Jeff Goldblum

Hiram Berry is one of Rachel's fathers, along with his husband LeRoy. His name is first revealed in the book Glee: The Beginning, and his first appearance was in Heart, the thirteenth episode of Season Three.

He is portrayed by actor Jeff Goldblum.


He and LeRoy screened potential surrogates based on IQ and beauty, finally choosing Shelby Corcoran, then mixed their sperm together and used a turkey baster to create a child (as described by Rachel). He and LeRoy both spoiled their daughter with whatever lessons she asked for.


LeRoy Berry

The details about how and why LeRoy and Hiram met and fell in love, are revealed in Heart. They met while performing in a play together. According to Rachel, their relationship is one of true love, and that she is the result of it. The two appear to be very different from one another, but they have both proven to be loving and supportive parents to Rachel, aiding her in her ambitions to become a star.



Season Three:

Unreleased Songs

Season Three:


  • Hiram wanted to fake an epileptic seizure during Finn and Rachel's wedding to stop them from getting married, even though he is not epileptic.
  • As shown in Heart, he can play piano.
  • In On My Way, Hiram stated that he doesn't drive.
  • According to the original Pilot script, Hiram's name was originally Joe.
  • Hiram G. Berry was an American general during the civil war. However, it is unknown whether this had an influence on the naming of Hiram. 
  • He is a Friends fan and his portrayer, Jeff Goldblum, guest starred on Friends in episode "The One with the Mugging" playing Leonard Hayes.



Hiram: New plan. I'm gonna fake an epileptic seizure.
LeRoy: You're not an epileptic.
Hiram: That's why I'm gonna fake it.

Hiram Berry and LeRoy Berry to Burt

Hiram: Here's what we're gonna do: When the Justice of the Peace says "does anybody here object?", we will all say "we do", with feeling. Burt, you will run interference with Finn. Carol, you will distract the Justice of the Peace with your feminine wiles. I will hustle Rachel out the side door and into our waiting car, where you, LeRoy, will drive (I don't drive) straight to Broadway. And if that doesn't start to get our baby girl back on her career track, I don't know what will.

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