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General Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Family & Friends
Relationships: Artie Abrams (casual relationship; ended)
Other Information
Series Information
First episode: Tested
Last episode: Tested
Portrayer: Tahlena Chikami

Jessica is a student at the Brooklyn Film Academy. She's a friend and colleague of Artie Abrams. They hook up once or several times, but are never interested in a relationship. Jessica makes a one-episode appearence in the Season Five episode, Tested.

She is portrayed by Tahlena Chikami.


Season Five


Artie introduces Jessica as one of the girls he sleeps with at his film school. After he greets her, she introduces herself as a girl who is attracted to men in wheelchairs. This is due to her interest in the movie "Crash", directed by David Cronenberg.

After being tested positive, Artie confesses to her that he has been diagnosed with chlamydia. Unlike Vanessa, Jessica takes this news pretty leniently, much to Artie's surprise. She even confesses that Artie might have gotten the disease from her.

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