Juke Box Hero
Album: Glee: The Music, The Complete Season Four
Released: November 5, 2012
By: Foreigner
Sung by: Finn Hudson and Ryder Lynn
Place: The April Rhodes Civic Pavilion
Episode: The Role You Were Born to Play

Juke Box Hero by Foreigner is featured in The Role You Were Born to Play, the fifth episode of Season Four. It is sung by Finn and Ryder. 

After Artie talks to Finn about the three jukeboxes on stage, Finn presses a button on a jukebox, telling Ryder that he bets he likes classic rock. The song starts playing in the auditorium when Finn asks Ryder to follow his lead.

When Ryder sings, Finn nods in approval, Ryder being able to sing without himself knowing beforehand. As the scene switches, Ryder fantasises himself on the stage singing, with a large crowd enjoying the performance. Finn plays the drums as girls with bras and lingerie dance on high-risers and platforms on the stage. The two duet as the crowd goes wild and the lights shine on upon them, a band accompanying them.

Ryder lands on the audience towards the ending of the song, as they raise their hands to lift him. He gets back up and returns to the auditorium from the fantasy as Finn grins, leaning on a jukebox. Ryder has just unwittingly auditioned for the musical.


Standing in the rain
With his head hung low
Couldn't get a ticket
It was a sold out show.
Heard the roar of the crowd
He could picture the scene.
Put his ear to the wall
Then like a distant scream.
He heard one guitar
Just blew him away
Saw stars in his eyes
And the very next day.

Bought a beat up six string in a secondhand store
Didn't know how to play it
But he knew for sure
That one guitar
Felt good in his hands.
Didn't take long to understand.
Just one guitar
Slung way down low
Was a one-way ticket
Only one-way to go.
So he started rockin' ain't never gonna stop

Finn and Ryder:
Gotta keep on rockin'

Someday he's gonna make it to the top.

Finn and Ryder:
And be a Juke Box Hero got stars in his eyes

He's a Juke Box Hero.

He took one guitar

Finn and Ryder:
Juke Box Hero got stars in his eyes
Juke Box Hero he'll come alive tonight.

In a town without a name
In a heavy downpour
Thought he passed his own shadow
By the backstage door.

Like a trip through the past
To that day in the rain
And that one guitar
Made his whole life change.
Now he needs to keep

Finn and Ryder:
Rockin' he just can't stop -
Gotta keep on rockin'

That boy has got to stay on top.

Finn and Ryder:
And be a Juke Box Hero got stars in his eyes
He's a Juke Box Hero
Juke Box Hero (Finn: Oh)
With that one guitar he'll come alive
Come alive tonight.
(Finn: Yeah) He's gotta keep on rockin'

He just can't stop

He just can't stop

Finn and Ryder:
Gotta keep on rockin'

That boy has got to stay on top

Finn and Ryder:
He's gonna be a Juke Box Hero got stars in his eyes.
He's a Juke Box Hero (Finn: Yeah)
(Ryder: Just one guitar) Juke Box Hero with stars in his eyes
Yeah, he's a Juke Box Hero
Juke Box Hero
Juke Box Hero he's got stars in his eyes
Stars in his eyes.


  • Shanna Henderson makes a cameo appearance in the crowd during this song.
    • This is the first out of three times a The Glee Project contestant who did not win was seen in an episode. The second was Ellis Wylie in Swan Song during the Winter Showcase, and the third was Dani Shay during We've Got Tonite in I Do
  • This song was featured on Glee Forever!-app.



Foreigner - Juke Box Hero00:00

Foreigner - Juke Box Hero

GLEE - Jukebox Hero (Full Performance) HD03:14

GLEE - Jukebox Hero (Full Performance) HD

Juke Box Hero Glee HD FULL STUDIO04:19

Juke Box Hero Glee HD FULL STUDIO


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