Kendra Giardi
General Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Family & Friends
Family: Terri Del Monico (sister)
Kyle, Max and Josh Giardi (sons)
Relationships: Phil Giardi (husband)
Friends: Terri Del Monico
Enemies: Will Schuester
Dr. Wu
Other Information
Interests: Herself, lying, scheming
Series Information
First episode: Showmance
Last episode: Hairography
Portrayer: Jennifer Aspen

Kendra Giardi (born Del Monico) is Terri's controlling sister. She and her husband Phil have triplet children. She influences many of Terri's decisions during her hysterical-turned-fake pregnancy, by assisting Terri in her schemes, and taking advantage of Terri by predicting disaster whenever she contemplates confessing the truth to Will.

Kendra and Terri manipulate their obstetrician, Dr. Wu, into faking an ultrasound to convince Will that the baby is real.

She is portrayed by Jennifer Aspen.


Kendra has given birth to three sons. She and Terri are sisters. She is married to Phil Giardi.

Season One

Kendra is seen in several scenes helping Terri fake pregnancy, scheming ways to make Terri's secret stay safe. She is also almost always seen when Terri is talking to Quinn about her baby.


Kendra tells Terri that she should move into a bigger house.


Kendra appears in Terri's home, helping her out with pregnancy strategies. Terri then tells her sister that she is faking the pregnancy. Kendra, much to Terri's surprise, tells her to not tell Will and says she supports her sister. 


While advising Quinn, Kendra says that her mother drank alcohol while pregnant with her and Terri and that both she and Terri turned out fine. When Quinn tells her that she's not giving Terri her baby, Kendra offers Quinn the ability to babysit her sons to see what life would be like if she kept the baby. She comments on the fact that Quinn and Puck were able to get her three sons to sleep at the same time by singing a song, as well as get them to take a bath. This is the last episode in which she appears on Glee.


Despite being married and having three sons, she is portrayed as a woman who is vain, shrewd, controlling, selfish, arrogant, disrespectful, idiotic, annoying and manipulative towards everyone, including her own husband and sister. At times, she appears to hate Will, yelling at him over the phone when he hangs up on her while Terri is talking to her. The only other person she seems to care for is her younger sister Terri, and even so, Kendra's actions are not exactly decent; she is more than content to lie and manipulate others with insane schemes. She is very similar to her sister this way.


Phil Giardi

Their relationship does not appear to be very loving, but isn't exactly hostile. Kendra encourages dishonesty in marriage, and would get Phil a car as a distraction, if only it wouldn't make him happy.


You are not raising my niece or nephew in this apartment. When pigs fly!

—Kendra, Showmance

Terri: Kendra, if I told you something, would you promise not to tell anybody? Not even Phil.
Kendra: Oh, my God. Is the baby black?

—Kendra and Terri, Preggers

You worry too much, Terri. Mom smoked and drank a bottle of vodka every night when she was pregnant with us and we're TOTALLY normal!

—Kendra, Hairography

Terri: How can you bring her here? What if he saw her?
Kendra: You're gonna wanna hear this. I give Little Miss Peroxide my phone number in case of an emergency, and she called to drop the BOMB on me!
Terri: What is it? (looking at Quinn)
Quinn: I'm keeping my baby.

—Kendra, Terri, and Quinn, Hairography

Have you ever thought that one of your patients might just close up their legs and walk on over to Doctor Chin?

—Kendra Giardi to Doctor Wu, Throwdown


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