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Kitty-Puck Relationship
General Information
Nickname: Wilderman
Intimacy Level: Implied Sexual
Ex-Boyfriend and Girlfriend
Dating History: Started dating in Sadie Hawkins
Ended prior to Sweet Dreams
Dating Status: Broken Up

The Kitty-Puck Relationship, most commonly known as WildermanPitty, Kick or Puckitty, is the relationship between Cheerio, Kitty Wilde and McKinley High alumnus Noah Puckerman.


Season Four

Sadie Hawkins

After Kitty's constant advances towards Jake to go with her to the dance, Puck steps in and tells Kitty to back off Jake, only for Kitty to entice him to go the dance with her instead. He agrees to go with her and the two engage in a flirtatious relationship. At the dance, they throw jokes back and forth at each other innocently. Kitty also mentions that she loved Puck's movie script and thinks he has potential as a screenwriter, despite his poor spelling skills.Puck appreciates her sentiment. While dancing, they decide to go off to the back of Puck's car to make-out (or possibly have sex).

I Do

Ryder mentions them in this episode, when he says Puck is dating a sophomore, which also determines Kitty's grade level.

Girls (and Boys) on Film

When Kitty apologizes to Marley, she says that they'll be sister-in-laws someday, because they both are dating Puckermans, which implies that Kitty and Puck are still dating.


Kitty threatens to go after the girls who were harassing Unique, mentioning that it's hard to judge anyone because she is dating a Puckerman, referring to Puck.

Sweet Dreams

During the episode, Puck mentions having sex with three girls, implying he and Kitty are no longer an item.

Lights Out

They are confirmed to have split when Kitty tells Ryder that Puck and her broke up. She said that he dumped her when he went off to live at the University of Lima.



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