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Kurt-Chandler Relationship

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Kurt-Chandler Relationship
General Information
Nickname: Churt
Intimacy Level: Friends
One-sided crush (Chandler)

The Kurt-Chandler Relationship, commonly known as Churt or Kandler, is the friendship between Kurt Hummel and Chandler Kiehl.


Dance with Somebody

The two meet at a music store named "Between the Sheets." Chandler compliments Kurt's hippo brooch, and they begin talking about New York, since both have plans to move there and attend schools there after they graduate. Kurt is looking for a Whitney Houston song to sing for Glee Club, and Chandler suggests One Moment In Time. Chandler then asks for Kurt's number and the two text each other back and forth throughout the episode. Noticeably during So Emotional, gaining attention from others. Chandler's texts are all complimentary towards Kurt which ends up upsetting Blaine. By the end of the episode, Kurt informs Blaine that he has asked Chandler to not text him anymore. Later, Kurt receives a text near the lockers when he's talking to Blaine and Kurt quickly denies that it's Chandler, Blaine saying it was himself who sent the text as they both grin happily. It is unknown if Chandler and Kurt still talk after the incident.


Chandler is briefly mentioned by Puck (as Blaine) to Finn (as Kurt) in the hallway, talking about what happened in Dance with Somebody.


Related Songs


  • Chandler amazed by Kurt's hippopotamus head brooch
  • In Between the Sheets
  • Kurt, glad for the compliments about his outfit


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