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Kurt-Tina Relationship
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General Information
Nickname: Kurtina
Intimacy Level: Friends
Former Fake Boyfriend and Girlfriend (Beards)
Dating Status: Ended in Preggers

The Kurt-Tina Relationship, more commonly known as Kurtina or Cohummel is the relationship between two McKinley High alumni students, Tina Cohen-Chang and Kurt Hummel


Season One


Tina and Kurt join the New Directions. They sing Sit Down, You're Rockin' the Boat, marking the first time these two interact with one another. During the performance, the choreography requires Kurt to catch Tina as she jumps on him, but he does not comply with this. She looks at him expectantly, but the choreography continues.


Glee - Kurt

Kurt and Tina, along with Brittany, dance and lip sync to Beyonce's Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) in Kurt's room. When Burt walks in and sees and questions this, Tina pretends to be Kurt's girlfriend to hide Kurt's homosexuality. Kurt slaps Tina's bum which comes as a shock to her, but she plays along with the beard relationship. Though it was not an actual relationship, the two appear to be friends. 


Tina and Kurt are walking down the halls with Mercedes. They start a phone conversation with Artie, Brittany, and Santana about upcoming Sectionals, Rachel, and Quinn and Finn's baby drama. They share a phone during the whole process.


As part of the Lady Gaga assignment, Kurt and Tina dress up in iconic Lady Gaga dresses. They seem to have something in common in regards to their "balls falling off". When walking down the halls, they
immediately get picked on and pushed into lockers by Dave and Azimio, with Kurt protecting Tina. They also receive threats from them to change their clothes. They also sing together, and are featured soloists, in Bad Romance. At the end, Tina confronts David and Azimio with the rest of the Glee Club, when they single out and harass Kurt.

Season Two

Grilled Cheesus

After hearing the news about Burt's heart attack, Tina is the first one to give Kurt a hug. She also sings backup in I Look to You with Quinn, and Mercedes singing lead to help Kurt. Later, Kurt sings I Want to Hold Your Hand with lots of emotion, that Tina starts to tear up a little.


In Kurt's performance of Le Jazz Hot, Tina, along with Brittany, Mike, and various members of the Cheerios, assisted Kurt in his song by dancing background.

Never Been Kissed

They walk through the hallway, while they talk about sweater trends, before Kurt gets shoved by Karofsky. She looks sympathetic to his pain.


With Karofsky's bullying towards Kurt reaching a new height, Rachel gets Tina and all the other girls with boyfriends on the football team together to get them to talk to Karofsky and get him to stop picking on him. Tina does this, as a later scene shows Mike getting up in Karofsky's face to defend Kurt. Later, to celebrate Burt and Carole's wedding, Tina sings down the aisle in Marry You. At the end, Kurt announces that he will be leaving McKinley and transfer to Dalton Academy, since Karofsky will be returning after his suspension. Tina is clearly hurt by this news.

Silly Love Songs

Tina comes out to support Kurt as he and the Warblers are performing at Breadstix to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Born This Way

In the courtyard, Tina is ecstatic to see that Kurt is back in McKinley after returning from Dalton. She also gives Kurt a standing ovation (along with the entire club) after his rendition of As If We Never Said Goodbye. As part of Mr. Schuester's assignment to embrace your faults, Tina and Kurt sing Born This Way along with Mercedes and New Directions.

Prom Queen

Tina tries on prom dresses with Santana, Lauren, and Brittany, and they get Kurt to come with them. Tina explains that getting a thumbs up from Kurt is like getting a thumbs up from Joan and Melissa Rivers.


At Jean's funeral, Tina and Kurt sing lead in Pure Imagination, along with Artie, Finn, and New Directions.

Season Three

Pot o' Gold

Kurt and Tina, along with Artie, are waiting at the door for Mercedes to finish her rehearsal with the Troubletones.
Tumblr lvsvojSkoF1qm11jlo1 400

Tina and Kurt in ABC

However, Santana pulls her back into the rehearsal, and Kurt and Tina are left disappointed.


Kurt is practicing The Music of the Night with Tina, who asks to go for a walk at the end because her feet fell asleep. As she walks away, Kurt thanks her. When Kurt is talking with Rachel, he dismisses Tina by easily replacing her with Rachel as his Christine. For his NYADA audition, Kurt performs Not the Boy Next Door with Tina, Brittany and Mercedes as back-ups. After his performance he blows a kiss to Tina and the girls, who are looking very happy and proud of Kurt.


TinaRachel KurtFinn Props

Tina and Kurt as Finchel

During Tina's Dream, Tina and Kurt switch roles with Rachel and Finn, therefore making them a couple in her warped fantasy. Kurt (as Finn) wants to touch Tina's (as Rachel) boobs.


Tina danced along with Brittany and Burt to the song, Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It), as like in Preggers for Burt's gift to Kurt.

Season Four

The New Rachel

When Kurt finds out about this "new Rachel" competition, he questions Blaine, Brittany, Tina, and Wade why the Glee Club got so competitive because that isn't what it was about. Tina then replies to Kurt fiercely, saying, "You and Rachel have had diva-offs and have been fighting for solos for the past 3 years," leaving Kurt speechless.


In the NYADA dance studio, Kurt - who is helping Rachel with her off-Broadway audition - receives a text from Tina, telling him the news about the Grease musical and that Marley is somehow suddenly gaining weight and is having difficultly fitting into her dress (although the reality is her dress is being altered by Kitty). The two are also on stage during the fantasy version of You're the One That I Want.

Dynamic Duets

At McKinley and the Secret Society of Superheroes Club meeting, Tina, dressed in her superhero alter-ego Asian Persuasian, texts Blaine as his superhero personna Nightbird. Tina asks if he had talked to Kurt at all about where they stand, but Blaine tells her that her "power of manipulation" won't work.

Sadie Hawkins

In the school halls when Tina is apologizing to Blaine regarding the whole dance fiasco, Blaine admits to her that he rejected her date invitation because he has a crush on Sam. When he starts explaining how stupid it is, Tina comes to his defense and comfronts him telling him that it's because he misses Kurt, and that he needs some place to put his love, which he agrees with.


While in Blaine's bedroom, Tina is sitting on his bed looking at photos he has of Kurt on his bedside table. This then gets her to think about Kurt and Blaine's previous relationship as she starts to ask Blaine about his experience with relationships and women, both also win their Diva-off competition.

I Do

Before the wedding, Blaine and Kurt are making out in a car. When they hear a knock on the window, Kurt immediately gets up hoping that it isn't Tina again, implying that she already saw the two and tried to stop it. They also sit together up front during the wedding. At the after party, Kurt and Blaine are performing Just Can't Get Enough on stage. Recapturing old chemistry, the two of them are performing effortlessly, as if nothing ever happened to them. During their song, Tina gives Kurt a massive death glare, and angrily drinks and slams her glass on the table. After they have performed, Blaine leaves Kurt temporarily and Tina uses that to confront him. She stomps up to him and immediately attac
ks him, saying that she doesn't like the way that he treats Blaine. Kurt is all over the place and she has been the only one to be there for him 24/7. Kurt realizes that Tina is a hag, that it's creepy, and that she should stop. Tina fires back by questioning what he knows about love, and starts listing all the things she did for Blaine that Kurt didn't. During this time, she admits that she was the one who added vapour rub to his chest without him knowing, and immediately takes a step back realizing what she just said. Kurt is left stunned and Tina quickly tries to retreat from the conversation. However Kurt follows her, asking if she "vapo-raped" his ex.

Later at McKinley, Tina, Kurt and Blaine are walking down the stairs and Tina begins apologizing for attacking Kurt. She admits that, when she saw them perform, she was jealous, because she saw that old chemistry and soulmates rediscovering each other, and she wanted something like that. When she starts to apologize for throwing herself at Blaine, Blaine tells her that all of them have experience unrequited love, and all they want back is to be friends (which Kurt adds that's all he and Blaine are). Kurt then tells Tina that they are going to a double feature and asks if she would like to come with. Tina at first is reluctant, being known as "Hagatha Christie", a third wheel. The two then link arms with Tina as they walk down the halls. Blaine then says that he will help her find a boyfriend, and Kurt tells her that he called her a hag only in respect to the tradition of hagdom. The three then walk off happily, back as friends.


When Tina asks Kurt if he's there to lecture them about horrible-tasting clothing, Kurt answered, "My dad has cancer.," leaving Tina speechless.

All or Nothing

Tina goes shopping with Blaine, to buy a ring for Kurt.

Season Five

Love Love Love

KurtTina LoveLoveLove
Tina helps Blaine propose to Kurt by participating in the performance of All You Need Is Love, during which she and Kurt share a hug. She is seen celebrating when Kurt and Blaine get engaged.

Opening Night

Tina Kurt ON

Tina arrives in the apartment

Both Tina and Kurt appear in Rachel's nightmare: Kurt as the stage manager getting her ready and Tina (who still has her stutter) as the costume designer who delivers her a coat hanger with nothing on it. The two, along with Blaine, Santana and Sam, sing backup to Rachel's Lovefool solo, with scenes also popping up with the five of them looking unimpressed and bored, and ending with them huddled around her, all booing.

Tina is firstly greeted by Kurt when she arrives at their Bushwick apartment with her luggage to watch Rachel's Funny Girl debut performance. During a catch-up conversation, Tina mentions that she was seeing a guy back at Brown. Quickly though, the group confidentially guesses that he's gay, which would be correct. Then when Tina starts ranting about Rachel's show, the list of things that could go wrong, and some of the negative comments, Kurt is on edge having to listen to this. Mercedes then gathers her stuff and tells her that she's staying to her apartment instead, implying that she was originally staying with Kurt and Rachel. The next day, Kurt catches the group up to speed on Rachel and her last-minute meltdown. To try to cheer her up, Kurt gives her a gift basket from supposedly Barbra Streisand, but only gets shot down due to a spelling mistake that Tina made when she wrote it.

Kurt Tina ON
The two of them attend her performance, which turned out to be a massive success. After congratulating her in her dressing room, the group heads out to a gay bar and celebrate all night. Then when they head back to Rachel and Kurt's apartment, Tina and Kurt are amazed and impressed with Rachel's sudden burst of confidence when confronting Sue. 


Sang Together (In a Group Number)
Song Episode

Solos with

Bad Romance Theatricality Santana, Quinn, and Mercedes
To Sir, With Love Journey Santana, Mercedes, Rachel, Artie, and Finn
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Sang Together (In a Group Number)
Song Episode

Solos with

One of Us Grilled Cheesus Quinn, Rachel, Finn, and Mercedes
Time Warp The Rocky Horror Glee Show Quinn, Finn, Artie, Brittany, Santana, and Mercedes
The Most Wonderful Day of the Year A Very Glee Christmas Brittany, Sam, Artie, and Quinn
We Need a Little Christmas Mercedes
Born This Way Born This Way
Pure Imagination Funeral Finn and Artie
Related Songs

Sang Together (In a Group Number)
Song Episode

Solos with

You Can't Stop the Beat The Purple Piano Project Artie, Finn, Mercedes, and Rachel
ABC Hold on to Sixteen Mike and Quinn
Do They Know It's Christmas? Extraordinary Merry Christmas Artie, Brittany, Blaine Anderson, Finn, Mercedes, Puck, Rachel, and Santana
Summer Nights Yes/No Finn, Mercedes, Puck, Rory Flanagan, Sam, Santana, and Sugar
Related Songs

Related Songs

Sang Together (In a Group Number)
Song Episode

Solos with

Let It Be Tina in the Sky with Diamonds Artie, Kitty, Santana, and Rachel
Seasons of Love The Quarterback Mercedes, Mike, Puck, and Santana
Hold On Trio Artie, Blaine, Dani, Elliott, Rachel, Sam, and Santana
Don't Stop Believin' New Directions Artie, Blaine, Rachel, and Will
Related Songs


  • Both are original New Directions members.
  • Both have been romantically interested in Blaine.
  • Both won their respective Diva-offs in Diva.
  • Both were named Prom Queen at one of the proms they have attended.
  • Both are big fans of Lady Gaga. (A Katy or A Gaga, Theatricality)
  • Both sang as featured vocalists in ABC
  • Both have been part of the CheeriosMcKinley Titans and the New Directions



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