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La Cucaracha
Album: N/A
Released: Unreleased
By: Traditional
Sung by: Artie, Finn, Puck, and Will
Place: Spanish Classroom
Episode: The Spanish Teacher

La Cucaracha is a traditional song that is featured in The Spanish Teacher, the twelfth episode of Season Three. It is sung by Artie, Finn, Puck, and Will during Spanish class.

This song annoys Santana as she feels Mr. Schuester is perpetuating stereotypes, so she files a complaint to Principal Figgins.


Will with Puck, Finn, and Artie:
La Cucaracha (Puck and Finn: Uh!)

Artie with Will (Puck and Finn):
La Cucaracha, la Cucaracha (Hey, hey!)
Ya no puede caminar
Porque le falta, porque le falta (Hey, hey!)
Marijuana que fumar

Puck, Will, Finn, and Artie:
Yo estoy harto de que me digan
De que yo dije
Algo que dicen
Mira que yo digo la verdad
Y no me voy a callar
Las cucarachas como la prensa
Que se me acercan
Y me atormentan
Y mil historias que se me inventan
Y digo basta ya
Marijuana que fumar



Glee - La Cucaracha (Acapella)(00:41)
Brittana43v3rAdded by Brittana43v3r
Kumbia Kings - La Cucaracha(03:44)
Glee "La Cucaracha" (PERFORMANCE)(00:37)


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