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This is a list that focuses on the special guest stars who have starred on Glee. Please do not add anyone who wasn't credited as 'Special Guest Star' or 'Special Appearance'.

Actor/Actress Character Number of Episodes Notes
Barry Bostwick Tim Stanwick 1
The Rocky Horror Glee Show
Billy Dee Williams Andy Collins 1
Old Dog, New Tricks
Brian Stokes Mitchell LeRoy Berry 3
Heart, On My Way, Loser Like Me
Britney Spears Herself 1
Carol Burnett Doris Sylvester 2
Furt, The Rise and Fall of Sue Sylvester
Carrot Top Bartie 1
Loser Like Me
Only appeared in the That's So Rachel pilot.
Cheyenne Jackson Dustin Goolsby 3
Audition, ‎A Night of Neglect, New York
Had a scene in Special Education which was deleted.
Demi Lovato Dani 4
Tina in the Sky with Diamonds, A Katy or A Gaga, Puppet Master, Trio
Eve Grace Hitchens 2
Hairography, Sectionals
Gloria Estefan Maribel Lopez 2
Goodbye, A Wedding
Gwyneth Paltrow Holly Holliday 5
The Substitute, Sexy, ‎A Night of Neglect, 100, New Directions
Helen Mirren Becky Jackson (inner voice) 2
Yes/No, Prom-asaurus
Uncredited guest appearance
Idina Menzel Shelby Corcoran 12
Hell-O, Dream On, Theatricality, Funk, Journey, I Am Unicorn, Asian F, Pot o' Gold, Mash Off, I Kissed a Girl, Hold on to Sixteen, Sweet Dreams
Ioan Gruffudd Paolo 2
Love Love Love, The End of Twerk
Jackée Herself 1
City of Angels

Credited as 'Special Appearance'.

James Lipton Himself 1

Credited as 'Special Appearance'.

Jeff Goldblum Hiram Berry 2
Heart, On My Way
Joanna Rohrback Herself 1
City of Angels
Credited as 'Special Appearance'.
John Michael Higgins Russell 1
Dream On
John Stamos Carl Howell 4
Britney/Brittany, The Rocky Horror Glee Show, Special Education, Sexy
Jonathan Groff Jesse St. James 14
Hell-O, The Power of Madonna, Home, Bad Reputation, Dream On, Funk, Journey, Prom Queen, Funeral, New York, Saturday Night Glee-ver, Nationals, We Built This Glee Club, Dreams Come True
Josh Groban Himself 2
Acafellas, Journey
June Squibb Maggie Banks 1
Old Dog, New Tricks
Kathy Griffin Tammy Jean Albertson 1
Original Song
Kate Hudson Cassandra July 5
The New Rachel, Britney 2.0, Glease, Swan Song, Wonder-ful
Katey Sagal Nancy Abrams 1
Katie Couric Herself 1
The Sue Sylvester Shuffle
Kristin Chenoweth April Rhodes 5
The Rhodes Not Taken, Home, Rumours, 100, New Directions
Lindsay Lohan Herself 1
Loretta Devine Sr. Mary Constance 1
Original Song
Marlee Matlin Herself 1
City of Angels
Credited as 'Special Appearance'.
Matt Bomer Cooper Anderson 1
Big Brother
Meat Loaf Aday Barry Jeffries 1
The Rocky Horror Glee Show
Molly Shannon Brenda Castle 2
Bad Reputation, Dream On
Neil Patrick Harris Bryan Ryan 1
Dream On
Had a brief flashback scene from Dream On in Saturday Night Glee-ver.
Olivia Newton-John Herself 2
Bad Reputation, Journey
Credited as 'Special Appearance'.
Patti LuPone Herself 1
New York
Credited as 'Special Appearance'.
Perez Hilton Himself 1
Credited as 'Special Appearance'.
Peter Facinelli Rupert Campion 4
Love Love Love, Tina in the Sky with Diamonds, The End of Twerk, Frenemies
Rex Lee Martin Fong 1
Ricky Martin David Martinez 1
The Spanish Teacher
Sarah Jessica Parker Isabelle Wright 3
Makeover, Thanksgiving, Lights Out
Shirley MacLaine June Dolloway 2
The Back-Up Plan, The Untitled Rachel Berry Project
Tim Conway Marty Rogers 1
Old Dog, New Tricks
Tyra Banks Bichette 1
Movin' Out
Whoopi Goldberg Carmen Tibideaux 6
Choke, Props, Nationals, The New Rachel, Swan Song, Bash

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