Maggie Banks
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 86
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Blue
Occupations: Retired Broadway Performer
Family & Friends
Family: Clara Banks (daughter)
Friends: Kurt Hummel
Andy Collins
Marty Rogers
Other Information
Series Information
First episode: Old Dog, New Tricks
Last episode: Old Dog, New Tricks
Portrayer: June Squibb

Maggie Banks is a minor character that first appears on Glee in Old Dog, New Tricks. She is a retired Broadway performer who befriends Kurt in her retirement home.

She is portrayed by June Squibb.


Season Five

Old Dog, New Tricks

Maggie comes into the Spotlight Diner whilst Kurt is working and asks him if to hang up a poster of their retirement home rendition of Peter Pan in the window. She seems a little confused, but is very nice towards Kurt, immediately noticing that something is bothering him. They have a talk about his friends and how he feels like he is stuck and ignored by his friends, which finally gives Kurt the feeling that he's being heard. When they introduce themselves, Kurt is shocked to find that he is 'having a therapy session with THE Maggie Banks'. Maggie agrees that she was a flop as 'Helen Keller: The Musical' didn't quite take off. Before being brought back to the retirement home by the staff Maggie invites him to visit one of their rehearsals, which Kurt does.

Kurt visits the home where they are rehearsing and Maggie asks him to sit down. They find that the actress playing Peter Pan has died in the harness, which leaves them without an actor for the main role. Maggie and the other elderly discuss cancelling the performance, and Maggie explains to Kurt how there are many people in the home who won't come out of their beds anymore.
Not because they can't, but simply because they don't have a reason anymore. The musical was Maggie's reason to get out of bed, so Kurt volunteers to step in as Peter. Maggie questions his capability of the demanding female role but Kurt states that he is a countertenor and auditions with Memory. Maggie joins in the song and sings it with Kurt until the end, declaring him the new Peter afterwards.

The next rehearsal is very demotivating for the older cast. They are starting to doubt whether or not they should've chosen this musical, and if they could even still feel young and energetic like they wanted to. Kurt explains to them they still can, if they change things up a bit. A nurse then comes to deliver flowers to Maggie. Maggie tells Kurt they are from her daughter, who is a defence attorney and can't make opening night due to her busy schedule. When Kurt tells the nurse that it is too bad since Clara is so important in Maggie's life, it is revealed that Maggie sends herself flowers, because her daughter hasn't visited her in years.

Kurt goes to visit Clara, who reveals that Maggie wasn't always the most capable of mothers. She forgot to pick up Clara from school and missed her high school graduation because she was wrapped up in her dream of being famous, so didn't have much time for her. Kurt asks Clara to come to the performance and after talking about his own mother's death, asks her to take care of her mother in her old age. 

At opening night, Kurt proposes to Maggie to become each other's family, since their own friends and families are too busy with themselves. Maggie is delighted by his question, agrees with it and hugs him. They perform Peter Pan, which is a big success. Maggie sings Lucky Star with Kurt, while he flies around the room in a harness. Maggie's daughter, Clara, unexpectedly shows up for the performance, which makes Maggie very happy. After the show, Maggie tells her daughter that seeing her in the audience made this the best performance of her life. Clara tells her a friend of hers made her realize this was a show she couldn't miss, and she is glad she came. Maggie then tells her there are so many things she has to say to her daughter, including a lot of apologies, and she wants to know more about her daughter's life.

After the show, it is also revealed that Rachel arranged a bus to take the elderly to her 'Broadway Bitches' event. Maggie goes with them to the 'Broadway Bitches' event and sings Take Me Home Tonight with Kurt, Rachel, Mercedes, Artie, Sam, Santana, and Blaine.


Solos (In a Group Number)

Season Five

Song Episode

Solos with

Take Me Home Tonight Old Dog, New Tricks Kurt, Blaine, Rachel, Mercedes, Artie, Sam, and Santana


We thought we'd take a shot at it in case NBC casts Clay Aiken and it's ruined for good.

—Maggie to Kurt about Peter Pan, Old Dog, New Tricks

Hey, Pillsbury, why the long face? You look like the saddest doughboy in the world.

—Maggie to Kurt, Old Dog, New Tricks


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