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Marcia Dean
General Information
Gender: Female
Occupations: Wedding planner
Family & Friends
Employer: Herself (possibly)
Enemies: Sue Sylvester
Other Information
Interests: Unique Weddings
Series Information
First episode: Furt
Last episode: Furt
Portrayer: Jo Anderson

Marcia Dean is a wedding planner who owns a company named Marcia Dean Weddings. She made her one-episode debut in Furt, the eighth episode of Season Two.

She is portrayed by Jo Anderson.


Season Two


Marcia is hired by Sue, planning a unique wedding in which Sue will marry herself. When Marcia expresses her doubts, she is fired by Sue immediately. Doris Sylvester speaks to the leaving Marcia that she thought a lot of people saying Marcia looks mannish, and she thinks and states that "it is perfectly all right for a woman to be handsome", which appears to offend her. This is the only episode she appears in on Glee.


Sue: Marcia Dean, when I hired you and your crack team at Marcia Dean Weddings, I did so because you specialize in unique weddings.
Marcia: Well, that mostly means that some of them take place outside.

—Marcia and Sue, Furt

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