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General Information
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black / Grey
Eye Color: Green
Family & Friends
Relationships: Sue Sylvester (sexual)
Other Information
Series Information
First episode: Opening Night
Last episode: Opening Night
Portrayer: Chris Parnell

Mario is a New York citizen and restaurant owner. He meets Sue at the opening night of Funny Girl, where they both, coincidentally, walked out of the show early. They go on a date together, have a one-night stand and admit they have feelings for each other. However, they agree not to date, because they both want to stay in their own town.

He is portrayed by Chris Parnell.


Season Five

Opening Night

Mario is first introduced at Rachel's Funny Girl opening night, to which he refuses to see. This leads to a mutual agreement with Sue when they both try to sell their tickets. Mario gladly requests for Sue to join him at his restaurant, and she accepts his offer. The two share a night together, and connection between Mario and Sue evolves. The next day, Mario and Sue invade the Bushwick Apartment and shared a one-night stand. At the end, Sue leaves for Lima, and decides not to date Mario.


Sue Sylvester

They meet in Opening Night, both trying to sell their tickets, as neither want to be at the opening night of Funny Girl. Mario gives up with selling his ticket and enters the show, but leaves shortly, with Sue leaving behind him, at the exit, they joke about how bad the show is and they decide to leave to Mario's restaurant, they have dinner and start to develop feelings for each other, Sue sings Who Are You Now to him. It is revealed the next day, that both entered the Bushwick Apartment without permission and made love the whole night, when Sue has to comeback to Lima, they break up. It is currently unknown whether they're still in contact or not.

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