Marley's Quotations are the quotations made by Marley Rose, portrayed by Melissa Benoist.
Marley Rose

Season Four

You guys are the Glee Club, right? Hi! I'm gonna try out. I'm a sophomore. My name is Marley.

Marley to New Directions, The New Rachel

Marley: Do you think I really have a chance of getting in Glee Club?
Millie: You have magic in your throat, Marley. It's time to share it with the world.

Marley and Millie, The New Rachel

Marley: Jake is kinda cute.
Unique: Oh honey, no, bad seed.
Marley: Come on, he's an artist.
Unique: Pick-up artist!

Marley and Unique, Britney 2.0

You're half Jewish, right? Does that mean you'll float up to heaven at half speed?

Marley to Jake at Kitty's Left Behind Club, The Break-Up

Marley: Hey, this is the girls' bathroom...!
Unique: I sit when I pee.

Marley and Unique, The Role You Were Born To Play

Ryder: Marley?
Marley: *pukes*.
Ryder: *opens the door* Marley, stop.Why are you doing that?
Marley: *cries* Why do you think? My mom's the town joke and I'm gonna end up just like her.
Ryder: Well, sticking your fingers down your throat is only gonna make things worse.
Marley: Spare me the lecture. I've seen the health films.
Ryder: Then Google “Johnny Pappas”. He’s my second cousin. He was a wrestler at Bowling Green, and the coach was always making him drop weight. So Johnny did all the crazy diets and puked every day and when that stopped working, he used laxatives. Then last March, in the middle of a match...
Marley: He died?¨
Ryder: He crapped himself in front of the whole school.
Marley: I would never use laxatives.
Ryder: I don't want to kiss a girl who's got puke on her breath. Either on stage...or later. Come on, we're on in five.

Marley and Ryder, Glease

Marley: Hi! What are you doing Friday night?
Jake: Uh... going on a date with you.
Marley: Good.

Marley and Jake, Dynamic Duets

Marley: When I was 7 years old, I had a dream. It's the first one I actually remember. I was alone, on a stage, wearing a beautiful dress. I couldn't see the audience, but I could feel the full house. They had all come for one reason: to hear me sing. And now, thanks to glee club, with sectionals this week, that dream is about to come true. Well, except the part where Skeet Ulrich gave me a bouquet of kittens at the end. My dreams are weird.

Marley, Thanksgiving

Marley: You are ready for this. You look really good. Your voice is strong. It's time to make a little girl's dream come true. I'm so hungry. But at least my dress fits.

Marley, Thanksgiving

Marley: I was naive and insecure and self-centered and now glee club's over Finn:Well, you and I are still here, right?

Marley Finn, Swan Song

Marley: I have this problem. I always assume the best in people. Jake:That's my favorite thing about you, besides your eyes

Marley Jake, Sadie Hawkins

Tina, you've kinda been talking some ridiculous trash for months, unchallenged. And that stops now.

Marley to Tina, Diva

Jake: Come here, sit down. I am singing your favorite song from your favorite romantic movie.
Marley: The Hunger Games?
Jake: ... Second favorite romantic movie?

Marley and Jake, Girls (and Boys) on Film

So if some Cheerio you're uncontrollably flirting with suddenly decides to kiss you, you're just gonna blackflip out of the way before her lips touch yours?

Marley to Jake, Feud

Marley: Um... can I speak freely?
Finn: Yeah, sure, I'm not your commanding officer or anything. Say whatever you want.
Marley: Dude, you really need to grow a pair.
Finn: Maybe you should go back to not speaking freely.

Marley and Finn, Feud

I love you, and that means something to me. It's not just words.

Marley to Jake, Feud


Marley, Guilty Pleasures

Every ocean starts with one drop of water, right? ... I sound like my grandma.

Marley to Jake, Guilty Pleasures

Marley: You know, I have a guilty pleasure I haven't told you about.
Jake: Please don't say me, 'cause that would be cheesy.
Marley: Oh my God. Actually, it's anything starring Jessica Simpson. But... now that you mention it... *they kiss*

Marley and Jake, Guilty Pleasures

Season Five

Why? Because I like cats, and flowers, and Julie Andrews?

Marley to Jake, A Katy or A Gaga

I'm not gonna get paranoid about Jake. Either he wants to be with the real me or he can go.

Marley to Unique, A Katy or A Gaga

Sam: What happend to the seashell bikini?
Marley: I wasn’t comportable.
Sam: Well, get over yourself...

Marley and Sam Evans, A Katy or A Gaga

I am who I am, and I’m not going to change that for any number or any guy.

Marley to New Directions, A Katy or A Gaga

I just don’t want to be pressured into doing something I don’t want to do!

Marley to Jake Puckerman, A Katy or A Gaga

Jake: I used to stop calling a girl if she didn’t let me in her pants after six hours.
Marley: Then go be with one of those girls! Go! Have fun!

Marley and Jake Puckerman, A Katy or A Gaga

What if some of us don’t know how to twerk?

Marley to Will Schuester, The End of Twerk

Good one. You’re hilarious. Like Comedy Central funny.

Marley to Bree, The End of Twerk

Jake’s not like that. And even if he was, he’d aim a lot higher then trash like you.

Marley to Bree, The End of Twerk

Please tell me you didn’t really cheat on me. Especially with her.

Marley to Jake Puckerman, The End of Twerk

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