Martin wonder-ful
General Information
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Occupations: Music Producer
Family & Friends
Enemies: Mercedes Jones
Other Information
Series Information
First episode: Wonder-ful
Portrayer: Phillip Rhys
Martin is a minor character who first appeared in the episode Wonder-ful. He was Mercedes' record producer, until his label dropped her after she refused to meet his demands for her CD.

He is portrayed by the English actor Phillip Rhys.


Season Four


He appears during a flashback when Mercedes tells Kurt and Mike about her frustration. At first, he worked with her pretty well, saying her voice was stunning in the recording studio. But at the photo session for her cover's album, he wanted her to show more skin, despite Mercedes saying she didn't want to. He listened to her, but during Glee Club practice, she received a phone call saying she had to decide whether she wants to do it his way or cancel the production. She also tells Kurt and Mike that he suggested to put another girl's picture on the cover of her album.

Later on in the episode, it seems Mercedes refused to meet his demands and cancels the production, but still has CDs to sell at her church and gives it to the Glee Club for free. 

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