The McKinley High Junior-Senior Brundle Prom 2013 was held for the Class of 2013's juniors and graduates. The New Directions performed there. This year, the prom apparently didn't have a specific theme.


Prior to the prom, Bree is shown trying to make Tina lose for giving the title of Prom Queen to someone from the Cheerios, and interferes in Kitty's campaign, putting photoshoped posters of her around all the school. She also arranges a plan to humiliate Tina with the help of Dottie.

At prom, all the couples are seen taking pictures together, and some members of the faculty (Sue, Will, and Mr. Figgins) also have their photos. Marley, Ryder, Jake, and Unique perform Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Afterwards, Sue announces Tina and Stoner Brett as prom queen and prom king. Kitty is on stage with Tina and notices Dottie holding onto a rope. She follows the rope up the ceiling and realizes there is a bucket there. On Bree's command, Dottie reluctantly drops a bucket of red slushie onto Tina (during which Kitty yells: "NO!!!") while she's on stage, and she exits in tears. The New Directions follow her to the choir room, where they sing Hey Jude and encourage Tina to face the crowd and go back. Kitty gives Tina her prom-dress and together they clean her up. She does so, receiving receiving her much-awaited standing ovation.

After the prom Bree is found out as responsible for the bad joke, but doesn't receive any punishment.

Prom Court

Prom King


Prom Queen